Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things On My Mind RIGHT Now...

- Plain tart frozen yogurt is so ridiculously good...  Why did it take me so long to try it?  I love it so much!

- This is gonna be a long week... At least tomorrow is Wednesday.

- I turned on the Olympics to watch figure skating... Why did they switch to this stupid skiing event??

- I should have gone to bed already. I'm tired.

- I wish all this craziness with people thinking that my company is hiding something would be over so that we can just get past it and get back to business as usual.

- I have a headache.

- I cannot wait for Friday....

- I want more plain tart frozen yogurt.  I could eat a mountain of it.... 

- My favorite frozen yogurt places are Cherry on Top and Yogurtland.  In that order.

- I can't wait to read my new book "How To Raise Your IQ By Eating Gifted Children"  I bought it purely because its title cracked me up.

- It's bedtime :-)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

100th Post!

For my 100th post on my little blog here, I decided to refresh my background and share an e-mail that I actually submitted for a fun contest...  It is no secret that I am in love with Seatbelt Bags....  They are my favorite and I am addicted.  Well, they had a fun post on their blog the other day showing the wife's person and everything she carries in it.  Then they asked for similar pictures of our bags... I sent mine in and am still waiting for them to post the top 5... I'm hoping I'm in it, so that I get a HARVEY'S lanyard and coin purse!

So.... here is my picture and description of everything I carry with me...
"I have a tendency to carry my life in my bag... In my Feather Boat Tote, I have:

My Nintendo DSi, my Calvin Klein Sunglasses, my Sigrid Olsen glasses, my inhaler, my digital camera (that's its case - the camera was in my hands... haha), my mass keychain with my desk keys and miscellaneous keys that I don't use a lot (complete with my red bag tag from my makeup bag), my house/safe/car keys, hair ties, my collection of lip glosses (I love lip gloss and am constantly buying new ones), a compact, my red Seatbelt full wallet, a pen in a cloth case (it's kind of popping up from behind the wallet, but it's hard to see), collectable spoons from a yogurt place by my friend's house, old gift cards that I've been meaning to check the balances on, cold medicine, diet coke caps (I always enter the codes and use the points to enter sweepstakes), a thermometer, business card from a Kogi rep I met while waiting for my delicious food (I was trying to set up a time for them to work with my office), bandaids, Jaw Busters (I found these at a gas station and had to have them - my grandma always had them for us when we were kids), tic tacs, my blue tooth, nail files, and my collection of different flavored gums (I always buy new flavors when I see them - but my favorite is the Orbit Sweet Mint on top).

I just switched this all back over from my espresso Seatbelt satchel, so I'm missing a few things.... haha Hard to believe.... But I normally have my checkbook, pepcid complete, advil, and excedrine..."

So there you have it.... Maybe that's why my back always hurts! hahaha

Monday, February 8, 2010


Yesterday my husband decided that he was really sick of the yellowish light that the compact fluorescent lighting in our house gives off... So he took himself over to Home Depot and proceeded to purchase new "Daylight" compact fluorescent bulbs to replace every single light in the house. It was a teensy bit extravagant... But those suckers last forever and they aren't likely going to all burn out at the same time, so we shouldn't have to spend that much on light bulbs at one time again... He got to work changing out all the bulbs and now we have much nicer lighting in the house... I'll admit, it looks pretty stinking good... Much more natural-looking light. But now it sucks to walk out the door and see the regular bulb in the porch light... It looks so icky and yellow now... haha

I've been keeping going with the 30 Day Shred... I haven't been doing it every day, but I'm still doing it... After the third workout, my body didn't hurt so much. I could even walk down stairs without instantly wanting to cry! haha It's still definitely kicking my butt, but at least I'm not in pain....

I got a new water bottle:

It's a really pretty shade of red... And it has butterflies on it. So I love it. Only thing I'm not totally in love with is how stinking cold it gets when I fill it up with the chilled water at the office... haha It is hard to hold on to, it is so cold! But it's pretty. So it's worth it.

These are my current regular glasses... The same one that I recommended successfully for that woman at my eye doctor's office....

Not the best picture, but you get the idea... They are totally cute, but I am ready for new ones. I am DYING for them to be ready!! (Especially my new sunglasses) I should have them this week!!!

My husband starts a new job on Friday! It's basically the same thing he's doing now, but for a different company. It's a good move for him because there is a lot more room for movement at this other company...

I could not possibly be more sick of waiting to hear what horrible things people have to say about Toyota each day... It's like we are being attacked. I bet if they looked this closely at other manufacturer's they would find a bunch of little problems with their cars too... I am completely confident in Toyota's cars and am still very proud to work for this company.

We never watch the Super Bowl because we don't really care about football... But I like the commercials... We didn't have it on this year, and now I don't know what the commercials were... And everyone is talking about them...

Frozen looks like it could potentially be one of the stupidest movies ever made... I mean, come on... None of them have their cell phones? And why don't they just climb to one of the towers - they aren't that far apart and each tower has a ladder! And why are there wolves? Do the wolves somehow know when the resort closes? And why would she have taken off her gloves in the first place?? Hello?!?! Ugh.

I guess that's all the randomness running through my mind right now... :-) I'm sure more will surface later.......

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Favorite Dr. Appt.

I love going to the eye doctor. Really. It's the best. It's fun, the people at the place I go are all awesome... And I get to pick out new glasses! My prescription is so light that a lot of times pepole tell me that I am lying and my glasses are fakes... So my glasses are kind of just accesories that I get to play with. The only prescription glasses that I wear a lot tend to be my sunglasses...

Yesterday's trip was no exception to the fun... I always set up my appointment and my husband's appointment together. (And yes, maybe I did take an entire personal day for an eye appointment... What of it? I needed a day off!) This time, I got my exam first - read all my little lines, chose between 1... or 2? 1..... or 2? 2.... or 3? Better, worse, or pretty close? haha Then I got to go start playing with the glasses. The woman that does that knows me and knows what style I like pretty well, so she had already started picking stuff out... I ended up picking out a really cute new pair of regular glasses that have this purpley design on them that brings out my green eyes. But first, I had already picked out a really super-ridiculously-cute pair of dark blue-ish Coach sunglasses. My Calvin Klein sunglasses have been my favorites for quite a while now, but I am DYING to get these new ones. They were ridiculously adorable on me. And Josh gave me a hard time because they are similar to the color of my new car....... I swear that wasn't even a thought when I picked them - I just really like them!

When shopping / trying things on I tend to rule out the things I don't like pretty stinking quickly, so I was already done selecting mine by the time Josh was done with his exam maybe 10 minutes later, if I'm being generous... And then he started checking stuff out while I had to run back to the exam room because Dr. C had forgotten to do the icky-stingy eye drop portion of the exam... Which I was kind of glad that he had because it meant that I didn't have sticky itchy eyes while I was trying on new frames for once!

I proceeded to head back out to watch Josh searching through frames. He had started with sunglasses - there is this pair of Maui Jim aviators that he LOVED last time we were there, but he decided that they were just a little too pricey and went with different ones, but he always talks about them... Unfortunately, they no longer had the exact ones, but they had ones that were equally awesome. They quickly took the spot on the table of "first choice, but still expensive" and he narrowed down a couple other options... After 20 minutes or so of trying them all on over and over again, she talked him into letting those sit while he tried on regular glasses. Got THOSE narrowed down to three choices and again tried them all on over and over and over! HAHA! That choice took about as long as the sunglasses fashion show... Then he still had to pick a cheapo pair of reading glasses! My husband shops. It cracks me up. I go with gut instincts, don't ask about prices, and pick the ones that I love. And the lady knows me so well, that I almost always go with the first pairs she picks out for me. He pores over every little aspect of his decision - how comfortable are they, can I wear them to play pool, how heavy are they, what other colors do they come in??? And for some reason is usually drawn to the most expensive things in the store... (Which is why whenever we have to get dressed up to go somewhere, I'm usually in something I already had or something that was on sale... And he is trying to decide which cuff links go best with the - I'll admit GORGEOUS - light blue Armani shirt...)

I had already picked which ones in my head that I thought he should go with, so I turned my attention to another woman that was there picking out glasses at the same time. I was watching the ones she seemed to keep gravitating back to. There was this one pair that had some green on them and were cute, but they just weren't quite right... Then I saw my current regular glasses still available face down on the shelf and knew she would love them.... (They are really cute, cute, cute Sigrid Olson frames that are green and brown on the sides and this kind of burgundy-reddish-dark brownish metal on the front... Love them.) I pointed them out and it was all over. They were a winner!

And then Josh finally made his decisions - exactly the ones I knew he would pick. He got the Maui Jim's (yeah, they are pricey - as in, both pairs of my glasses cost less that just his sunglasses, but he can just keep getting new lenses for the next several times and make up for it), the darker of the regular glasses, and the first pair of reading glasses that he had even acknowledged liking... haha All in all, a successful day.

And it left me thinking, maybe I should be working selecting frames for people in an optomestrist's office!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I've always had vivid dreams... Most are extremely weird... Once I had a dream about green wolves (no clue) attacking my house. My little sister (who was actually 5 or so at the time) killed one of them because it took her favorite Barbie... Another one was that I had balloons with tornadoes in them and if I popped them, it would release the tornado. I popped it in this girl's house that I didn't like (I think I was about 7 at the time), not thinking about the fact that the tornado would be huge and destroy more than just this girl's house... I remember fleeing with my family in a truck we never had... There are others, but those ones popped into my head first... I've also been wanting to start trying to have a baby, but there are a few things in the way at the moment... This will come into play in a second....

I'll regularly go through phases where I don't remember my dreams, and apparently I am coming out of one of those right now because the past two nights have been very vivid and on my mind a lot... The first involved my husband and the details do not need repeating as they would be quite a bit of TMI... haha

The second was that we had a baby. It was a ridiculously adorable baby boy. His name was Aiden. He was smiley and happy and I couldn't stop hugging him and making him laugh. I can still see him - he had Josh's eyes. And we were so happy. I never wanted to wake up... And when I did, I cried. It was such a perfect moment...

But it wasn't real.

How can you miss something that wasn't real?

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