Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's a Good Thing It's My Friday

Because I could not handle any more of this after the 50th time fixing it:
 "Who's the worst copier in the world? You are! Oh yes, you are!"

And after someone so kindly told me that they were pretty sure they saw one of the mice plaguing our office run under the cabinet behind me, I will now be sitting like this for the rest of the time that I work here...
And that makes my knees hurt...
But soon I will be on vacation for a few days. No rodents allowed....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Can Someone Get Superman to Fly Around the Planet and Slow Down the Rotation Already??

My brain has pretty much melted. I’ve started this post about 50 bazillion times and deleted it after the first few sentences. All I want to do is be able to get some words down and have a post to show for it. Even if it’s a terrible one...

I’ve been so busy when I’m at work and then busy when I come home and I feel like I’m constantly 10 steps behind. My house is a train wreck right now because cleaning up gets shoved to the bottom of my to-do list for the 50 other things that keep popping up on it.

It just seems like a constant stream of work events, errands, and craziness with trying to get some time to relax with friends thrown in... And that feels like it has barely happened. Even when I do find a minute to relax I feel like my brain is either so melted I’m a zombie or I can’t really relax because my brain is constantly thinking through the things that I still need to get done...

"HAVE to clean off the kitchen table... How long has it been since I washed our bedding? Sooo many dust bunnies – MUST VACUUM. Really need to go through the books on the bookshelves and clean them up. Why are there so many old magazines on the coffee table? How is EVERY SINGLE trash can lid in the kitchen broken?? Need to go through my closets again and get more crap out. My car is disgusting – need to do more than just drive through a crappy car wash... How is there so much trash in my car’s trunk??!! It’s getting really chilly in the morning – I really need to get a new jacket. I seriously need to go clothes shopping – must get new tops, can’t keep wearing the same crap every week to work... Do I want to put my order in for the Kindle Fire? Need to find new bras – stupid Target stopped carrying the ones I like... Gotta start getting everything organized for the camping trip next week. Definitely must get my car in for an oil change before we go to Vegas for Thanksgiving. Why hasn’t the stupid towel rack been fixed in the bathroom yet?! GO TO BED EARLY!! Stop forgetting that the white load of laundry is still sitting in the dryer! Still haven’t cleaned the rifles since the Appleseed event two weekends ago... Seriously need to go grocery shopping – wheat thins and cream cheese does not equal dinner... Don’t forget to put new registration sticker on your license plate! When are the cats going to learn to clean their own litter boxes???? Crap, they need food – how long has that been empty? HOW IS IT NOVEMBER ALREADY????????? Why haven’t we gotten our new windows yet? Or the new hot water heater?!?!”

And that’s just the HOME running list... Work has its own list.

“Gotta create the tracking report for the new incentive... Another new report to create for boss. Need to request payments from that incentive. Why haven’t I received the information I need for the payments from the other incentive?? Need to reconcile my purchasing card. Have to check to see if my AMEX charge has loaded in the expense system yet. Holy crap I let my vacation time MAX!! Gotta remember to request days off. Another new report to create for boss. Need to find out if there are pool cars that need to come back from the Dealership so that I don’t have to find a ride back from dropping my car off for its oil change. Need to do the ranking. Have to update my 15 different morning reports. Have to update the wall thing tracking our objective for the month. Need to organize. Need another storage box for paperwork. Another new report to create for boss. Why isn’t my neighbor at her desk – I hate having to answer her bosses’ phones when she’s not there! Need to go get the mail from downstairs. Can’t forget to go to lunch early this week because I have to cover the receptionist’s lunch break. Need to pull my weekly reports and e-mail out the reminders. Why didn’t he just give me the correct information for what he wanted – now I have to complete recreate the information because he’s terrible at his job. How can someone be SO bad at a job that they’ve done BEFORE?!?!?! Still haven’t heard on a handful of itineraries. Surprise – I get to create name badges for a trip coming up! Another new report to create for boss. Have to update a PowerPoint slide with the current info. Have to update all of my month-end reports. There’s a change to one of the codes – have to update every single one of my reports to reflect it.”

And that barely scratches the surface. Of THIS week only.

Time is FLYING. It feels like every time I blink, an entire month is gone.

How do we slow time down? The extra hour this weekend for Daylight Saving doesn’t count...

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