Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I get really annoyed when people pronounce words incorrectly... There is a woman in my office that has absolutely no apparent mastery of the English language... Even though it is her first language... She says "Sectember" for one... Drives me crazy. So glad she doesn't sit anywhere near me anymore...

There are two radio commercials that play all the time lately and I just can't figure out if that was the best take they could get or if they just didn't care... In one the woman says "fustration." This is something that the woman in my office also says. And it is extremely "fustrating" to listen to. The second is a car commercial where the man says something about a "panoranic" moon roof. Ugh.

Just ugh.


  1. I love crap like that. It makes me feel really smart.

  2. Wow. And these people get paid for this? Gee...sign me up!


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