Monday, August 31, 2009

Platelet Donation

Today was platelet donation day... It took the entire two hours and my arm hurts, but I feel really good about having done it... I don't think I have ever felt anything weirder than when the machine would reverse and the blood would go back into my vein... SO strange. And uncomfortable...

It switched into reverse "shoot blood back into your arm" mode right when I started to take the picture.... Hence the weird look on my face.... Haha

My machine... You can see my platelets (the yellow junk in the bag at the top) and my blood winding all over the machine... I've decided that I have very pretty burgundy-colored blood... haha and the machine held my attention a lot more than anything on the tv... haha

So that was my day... Now I have a large pink bandage on my arm... But Bud needs my platelets a lot more than I do.... I hope it helps and wish him the best.

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  1. Oh - AND I ordered the feather seatbelt bag as a reward for being such a good girl today... :-) Much more satisfying than the icee that my mom used to get me if I was good at the doctor.... hahaha


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