Monday, August 10, 2009

Things on my mind RIGHT NOW

- My wrist hurts. The right one. It's annoying. I've been wearing my wrist braces at night.

- My nose is stuffy and I really don't have the patience to be under the weather right now.

- I really wish that Lexus would release the pricing for the 2010 IS 250 so that I could price it out and make my final decision as to whether or not that will be my next car.

- I'm tired. And a little bored down here at the switchboard...

- How much is the lottery jackpot up to?

- How much longer until we can upgrade our cell phones? I cannot wait for my iPhone.

- Do I have enough change for my daily diet cokes or should I just run out and get a bottle from the gas station? (mmmmm.... diet coke.............)

- Wonder what I am going to have for lunch.... (I bring my lunches every week and just eat whichever one happens to be on top... haha)

- Ruby was really cute... I need a baby of my own so that I don't have to obsess over other people's babies...

- They should really bring back nap-time... I miss that.

- Who keeps calling from a stupid "Withheld" number on my cell phone??? Just talk, already!!

- I need a vacation.

- Today's a workout day... And yesterday was a workout day. That means tomorrow is a rest day. :-)

- I wonder how long it's going to take J to actually get my sewing machine... My birthday was in MAY! and I still don't have it... Oh well....

- It's cold in here.

- I need to win the lottery...

- I need to pick my yellow color for the guest bathroom... And find red shower curtain hooks in the perfect shade of red that I am picturing in my mind... And find some neat artwork for above the towel rack.

- I want a dark brown couch. The one I have doesn't work with the theme I am working on in the living room...

- If I won the lottery, I would be able to actually get my redecorating that I want to do done instead of being too tired to even think about it...

- I want my other wedding band... My ring will always look incomplete until I have it... The casting is in our jeweler's safe... We just have to give her the go ahead to do the work on it and set the diamonds in it...

- I really dislike some of the people in my office and wish I could remove their voice boxes. Everyone would be greatful, I am CERTAIN.

- Have I mentioned the lottery?


  1. Oooh! iPhones! You just gotta love those iPhones, don't you? Wait. What? You had moved on already?!


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