Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Picture Post

Ok... I have been really terrible about hooking up my camera and pulling pictures off of it to post on here, but I finally have a chance! Here is some of the stuff that I have been doing or working on lately:

I got tickets to go to the Lakers - Bulls game a few weeks back. The drive up SUCKED the big one... But we had fun at the game! It's always a good time in the Toyota suite.... :-) Even with J making fun of me because I was rooting for both teams.... haha

Let's go Lakers!

My best friend and her husband got tickets to the Duck's game right after Thanksgiving. It was a BLAST. I love hockey... (Prefer the Kings, but I take what I can get and it was an awesome game...

The newest blimp that flies around and drops coupons... As a BIG Beatles fan, I LOVED it!!

Whooped 'em! Go Ducks!

This is the blanket that I made for my newest niece. It turned out really cute...

She had a little bitty monkey costume for Halloween, so I got monkey fabric for the blankie...

My fuzzy sheets.... Love love love love love these.... :-)

You can kind of see my boy cat, Fred, there... My furry, little, near-permanent fixture on my bed... haha I swear he sleeps 20 hours a day...

So there you have it.... Enjoy :-)

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