Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Best of - day 1.

I decided to take part in 20SB's "The Best of 2009 Challenge" for the month of December. Each day will have a different topic that is your "best of" for the year.

Today's topic is Best Trip.

My best trip of the year.... Hmm... That's a little tough because we don't really take a lot of trips... I guess it would have to be one of our camping trips. Every so often (though, not quite often enough) get all of our friends together and head out to some sand dunes and play for a weekend. Our last trip was to Pismo Beach (technically Oceano Dunes). We hooked up our pop-up camper and met up with my best friend and her husband. It was my friend's birthday and I had gotten her a Seatbelt Bag wallet to go with her new Seatbelt Bag that her husband bought her (also for her birthday...) and was DYING to give it to her before we left... We got on the road, got up to the dunes, and started to get camp set up. It was over-cast, but it was perfect that way because it stayed nice and cool. Everyone else started showing up shortly after that.

The first night we always end up staying up late because we're waiting for everyone to show up and are all amped up about being on "vacation." In the morning, everyone ends up rolling out of bed/tent eventually and once every grabs something to eat, it's time to play on the dunes... People take their trucks or bikes/quads out for a romp... I don't generally go out anymore because I get too nervous now for some reason... This time I chose to go out for an quick ride in the truck...

The second night this time was movie night... One of our friends brought a screen and a projector and we watched a movie by the campfire. It was a pretty posh activity for a camping trip... People tend to trickle off to bed faster the second night because of the day spent playing in the sand... The last morning we roll out of bed again and after eating, start packing back up and get on the road to home.

We have a tradition with my best friend and her husband to stop at In and Out on the way home... It's always SO delicious... We don't even care about how dirty we are from spending a weekend without showering... haha

Once we get home and unload, the first step is a long, hot shower... It's always a sublime feeling. So is sleeping in our comfy bed.

But, dirty or not, it's always a great trip that we can't wait to repeat...


  1. I just love camping! I havent been since I started teaching in 2000... WOW almost 10 years!!! I LOVE Oceano Dunes!!! My favorite place to camp!! I can smell the ocean air and breakfest in the morning!!!

  2. Oceano is a great place... Relaxing and beautiful. Glamis is our other favorite

  3. I love this idea! Can I steal it for my blog????

  4. Definitely... I'll link the blog post that I'm getting each day off of up on the "Best of..." part...


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