Saturday, November 21, 2009


So my husband told me today that he already knows what he is going to get me for Christmas... Normally he would ask me what I want and then not want to go with any of my list... haha And then think of something pretty much at the last minute... :-) This year he already knows and I have absolutely no idea what he could be thinking of... It's going to drive me crazy. I am horrible with waiting - I have bad habits of opening presents early. I am an excellent re-wrapper. You can't even tell... I have always said that patience is a virtue that I was NOT blessed with.

Don't get me wrong - I love the fact that he already thought of something and that it is a complete surprise... I very rarely get surprises... It's just going to drive me crazy trying to think of what it might be! HAHA :-)

Now I need to figure out what to get for him!


  1. Thanks for your post on my blog. Please keep reading my craziness.

    I hope your gift from your husband is a wonderful one...

  2. Then it will be a great gift! Pretty thoughtful hubby!

  3. Well, THAT'S the first thing I thought of...what are you getting HIM??

    Careful...maybe he's making you THINK it's something super-expensive so YOU'LL get him something even MORE expensive....


  4. Haha He usually out-does me in the price department... I have part of a gift in mind... It's all a matter of if I can find all the necessary parts to make it work..... And then I have to figure out the rest of the gift.....

  5. Kelly,
    I too am an excellent re-wrapper! I slice the scotch tape...they never suspect a thing! Unfortunately, I'm a terrible liar and it makes it worse if I already know what I'm not gonna like!!


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