Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Things On My Mind RIGHT Now...

- Defying Gravity. The song from Wicked... It's been stuck in my head since it was on Glee last week... It's not really a bad thing, but I've never even seen Wicked, so it's kind of bizarre to have a song from it stuck in my head...

- KOGI TACO TRUCK! We have been trying to get a chance to track down this truck. Apparently it is delicious. It's a gourmet taco Korean BBQ taco truck... And you have to know about it to be able to find it. And the 6:30 - 9:00 shift of where it will be is actually going to be in a really convenient location for us tonight. I can't wait...

- Bulls vs. Lakers - who do I root for? I'm not really a big enough fan of any sport to have a "team" but I live in Southern California, so the local choice would be Lakers... But the only other team I ever knew anything about was the Bulls because my brother was such a HUGE fan of theirs back in the Michael Jordan days... Conundrum... I'll just root for both :-) I have tickets from my office for the Toyota Suite Thursday night... It's gonna be fun :-)

- Cakewrecks - http://www.cakewrecks.com/ - FANTASTIC. I have been loving the horribly decorated cakes... And wishing I had the talent to pull off some of the amazingly decorated cakes... But then I remember that I don't like fondant and I can decorate a perfectly passable buttercream cake... haha

- It's finally been feeling like fall here... At least at night - it was still 77 today and was pretty UN-fall-like... At least it's not in the high 80's anymore...

- I hope J doesn't get stuck at work late tonight - I want to get to the Kogi truck as soon as they are open to try to get a decent place in line...

- I hope J can get off work a little early on Thursday so that was can get on the road up to LA for the game sooner... The traffic is always a nightmare...

- I bought Star Trek today... The new one. I haven't seen it yet, but J said it was good.

- I can't wait for next week - short week and a couple days off... Love it.

- I REALLY can't wait for next month - two weeks off! Love it more.

- 12,359. That's the total of the RO's that I put a couple pictures of on here that were PILED on my desk... My spreadsheet totalled them up for me as I entered them. Disgusting.

- Because of that hard work, we got to go to the pay-off dinner for the incentive at The Ritz restaurant in Newport Beach. It was a delicious dinner and the night went very smoothly.

- Why is it that right when you order something or go to a store that's not convenient for something - the very next day you will run out of something ELSE that you can only get from that place??? This just happened... I ordered the brush cleaner for my Bare Mineral makeup from Ulta's website instead of driving up to the store... The day after I placed my order I ran out of my eyelid primer! UGH! Oh well... I'll have to get over there eventually... For now I am using the eyelid primers that I received from them in my "10 free gifts" bundle... Maybe I'll find one that I like that's cheaper.... Who knows?

- How did I go this long without having discovered eyelid primer?? I never have that little crease in my eye shadow anymore and the stuff doesn't come off until I wash it off... It's awesome.

- I bought a Terry's Dark Chocolate Orange today... YUM! SO good.

- The top of my foot hurts... I wonder if I should go get it checked out...

- I love Glee... It makes me want to sing again...

- I hate when people complain about not having enough money for things, but go spend a ton of money on things that they don't even need! Or on things that are ridiculously over-priced that they could get cheaper... It makes me irritated... Don't tell me about how you can't afford something when you are going and dropping twice the amount of money on clothes at Nordstrom's... Ugh.

- I want my new car! Haha Odd timing to talk about my new IS 250 that is on a boat crossing over from Japan right now... I will admit, it's not a cheap car, but I was not referring to myself in the last thought... hahaha

- Yam. This is an inside joke between me and my friend that had us laughing so hard we were crying and in pain last weekend... And had our husbands staring at us like we were freaks... haha My throat and stomach hurt just thinking about how hard we were laughing... But then I start to giggle again thinking about it! It was just too ridiculous.

Well... now I'm giggling too much about yam to think of anything else to right... So, I guess that is it...

I will let you all know how the Kogi excursion went down tomorrow! :-)


  1. Yes! I totally do NOT get ppl who say they're broke in one breath and then talk about everything they've purchased recently with the next....what IS that about??

    The Kogi truck sounds exciting and delicious!

  2. YUM! It sounds wonderful! So, when do you get to have it again? Is this a rare occurrence or what? Should we be stockpiling it and trying to freeze it for the future??!

  3. The Kogi truck was so fun... I don't know how long they are going to keep it up, but I'm loving it while they last. They started up as a way to bring "gourmet food at recession prices" and I think they are awesome.


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