Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kogi Truck Adventure

Was SOOO good. I tried the chicken taco, the short rib breakfast burrito, and the kimchi quesadilla... J tried the short rib taco, the spicy Korean pork taco, the sliders, and the kimchi quesadilla. I also got a tres leches cake, but am WAY too full to try it yet... haha

We showed up right before they opened... There was already a line... It took about 40 minutes to get up to order and about 15 - 20 to get our food... SO worth it.

Here are some pictures of our delicious adventure...

This is the truck... and part of the line in front of us...

This is the menu...

Most of our food... J was already attacking his tacos... haha

So basically... Long wait. But completely worth it. YUM, YUM, YUM.


  1. Ok... couldn't wait to try the tres leches cake any longer... It was AMAZING. So moist and delicious...

  2. They have 4 trucks that are spread out from LA down to Orange County. They are in at least two spots a day - a 6:30 - 9:00 pm shift and a 10:00 - Midnight shift - Tuesday through Thursday. There are usually a couple shifts that put them somewhat nearby where I live, but we kept missing them or being busy... SO glad we finally caught them and I hope they stay around for a long time :-)


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