Monday, January 18, 2010

Lazy Rainy Holiday

I love holidays... Especially when I have them off and Josh doesn't because then I get to sit on the couch in my jammies and watch whatever I want... I can have a What Not to Wear marathon, gorge myself on Say Yes to the Dress.... It doesn't matter :-) And add to that, IT'S RAINING!!! Even better. So now it's even nicer all wrapped up in a blanket. I did brave it momentarily to run a couple errands and grab myself some Spicy Chicken nuggets from Wendy's. SOOOO fantastically yummy. Especially with Sweet and Sour sauce to dip them in... Wonderfully sweet and spicy. Yum.

So I think I figured out the main part of the bad mood on Friday - I had been off work for two weeks for the holidays and after the second week of being back at work, I was tired and cranky and wishing that I could just be home and stay home... And then I realized that once I got home, Josh would make me laugh, I'd spend some time with my friends, and I would remember that it's not so bad.... But I think I need to buy some lotto tickets.... :-) Haha!


  1. Glad things are improving. I have my LOST marathon going... I honestly should shower and clean the restrooms and kitchen... With that said.. I better get a move on... Enjoy your extra day off.. I am!!!!!!

  2. i love "say yes to the dress!"


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