Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weird Weather

Poor California... So ill-equipped to handle weather... My entire drive home was full of flooded streets and giant puddles to drive through....

And if someone had told me that while living and working in Orange County my office would ever need to send out a "Tornado Emergency Procedure" e-mail - I would have told them they were crazy... I actually laughed when I read the e-mail... (Mostly because it stopped raining that day about 10 minutes after it was sent...)

And then today my friend posted this picture of the pier in Huntington Beach... Craziness!

So that's how the week is going - wet and weird! But we've been keeping cozy and dry... And I've been getting to wear my boots... :-)


  1. i saw this photo yesterday and wondered if it was photoshopped! stay safe out there!

  2. After doing a little research on the picture, it appears that it is not photoshopped, but it also isn't from this storm either... haha It looks like it's from a few years back... Still crazy though :-)

  3. It is quite soggy here in Ventura County.... our school is swamped and we have spent the last 3 days in that small room.... UGH!!! It falling hard... yes we are not prepared for this as a state... think I will head out for a swim in the yard... LOL!!!!

  4. Well, the boot part is good! But that weather?!?
    UGH! That's scary stuff!! You haven't lost power at all...have you? (Funny how that's where my mind goes)

    Hope you can go to your sunny place in your head till the real one comes back out...

    Happy Friday!

  5. We lost power a couple times for a couple hours each time, but nothing major... One of them we weren't even home for... We only knew because the clocks in the kitchen were blinking :-)


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