Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things On My Mind RIGHT Now...

- I can't wait for my massage this weekend

- I am really tired

- I have a headache

- I think it is seriously stupid that celebrities were given $25,000 gift bags at the Oscars...  Maybe the companies that provided crap for them should donate the money to people in need... I hear Haiti and Chile have been having a hard time....

- 30 Day Shred is still kicking my butt

- I am currently 12 pounds down with only mumble mumble left to go! :-)

- I just found out that Spree are just candy-coated, polished Sweet Tarts! Crazy.  You learn something new every day... Thank you "Unwrapped"  :-)

- I ate way too much for lunch today because it was amazingly delicious and I am still kinda full... That's why I didn't eat dinner...

- I really can't wait for my massage this weekend...

- I can't believe that I have never had a professional massage...   I've always wanted one, but just never went and did it...

- I can't wait for my next massage in May/June at Burke Williams for my friend's bridal shower / bachelorette party... haha

- I love Diet Coke

- I wish my girl cat would stop meowing at the hall closet...

- It was really windy today.

- I love my IS250.  I just wish that it would stop raining for long enough for me to think it would be worth washing it.

- Why do you lose weight in your hands?  I need my clothes to fit looser, not my engagement ring and wedding band!!!!!!  I am getting really annoyed by them spinning on my hand... I mean, seriously!!! COME ON! haha

- I am freezing even though it is warm in my house... I'm always cold for the rest of the evening after I work out.

- I love my jammies, warm fuzzy socks, and blankets :-)

- I am really sick of the crap going on in the media about the company I work for...  I just want to get back to business as usual.

- I really want to hit up the Kogi truck again...  They have this new sandwich with the short rib meat in it and it sounds AMAZING

- OH! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my new purse!! Another Seatbelt Bag by Harvey's.  Last Saturday I purchased myself that beautiful black Lola Ruffle Satchel.  I adore her.  And I have been wandering around singing "Lola... La la la la Lo-o-la!!!"  And talking about her like she's a person.  It's true love....  I'll post a picture soon...

- I've been meaning to post some pictures and have been forgetting... I will fix that soon.

- Okay, Unwrapped... Maybe I don't need to know so much about everything.  I am seriously grossed out by what goes into those tubes of Betty Crocker colored icing...  I don't think I will ever eat it again.  I seriously just gagged.

- My husband's new work van looks like a cross between an ice cream truck and an ambulance...

- I think I am going to go to bed super early tonight.  I am too tired to function properly...

- Did I mention that I can't wait for my massage?? :-)


  1. Kelly, you need an account at Massage Envy! I highly recommend Sara at the Laguna Hills/Aliso location - she's AWESOME!

  2. I understand the massage part. I had to stall my Massage Envy account, due to money issues! they are WONDERFUL!!!!

  3. I've been thinking about getting a Massage Envy account :-) Hmmm... Maybe I actually will do it :-)


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