Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bucket List

Once again I am jumping on the Writer's Workshop Train over at Mama Kat's.  This time I chose Write a list of 100 things you want to do before your turn 100. Otherwise known as a "bucket list" as my prompt.

Enjoy :-)

1. See the Coliseum in person

2. See the Aurora Borealis

3. Sky Dive

4. Visit Ireland

5. Start a family

6. Go back to Malad, ID to take flowers to my Grandma and Grandpa’s grave

7. Fly First Class

8. Learn other languages – including Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, and German... We’ve already started on Japanese....

9. “Surprise Trust Fall” towards one of those British guards that aren’t supposed to move and see what happens...

10. Be brave enough to donate my hair as often as I can

11. Continue sticking to my workout / diet plan so that I can wear my favorite jeans again

12. Start playing classical guitar again

13. Learn how to sew better – now that I have my sewing machine, I have no excuses

14. Actually make the canvas shopping bags that I have had the idea for in my head forever...

15. Drive a really fast car – I’m thinking Veyron, Zonda F, Murcielago, Scuderia... Something along those lines...

16. Learn how to ride a motorcycle

17. Go deep sea fishing

18. Take a trip on a sailboat instead of a large cruise ship

19. Get my other wedding band

20. Do something a fraction as awesome as this:
Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

21. Finish the blanket I started when I was 11.

22. Read the stack of books waiting for me BEFORE buying any new ones

23. Own a pair of Christian Laboutin high heels

24. Finish the cross-stitch thing I started over a year ago...

25. Hug a monkey

26. See B.B. King play in person (before his bucket list is done...)

27. Have a library in my home - complete with that ladder on a rail to go around the room... Or at the very least, a reading “nook” in my house with a comfy chair and a big bay window...

28. Plant an avocado tree so that I can have my own fresh avocados

29. Finally figure out a good way to organize my shelving thing in my living room so that it’s easier to find the movie I am looking for when I want it...

30. Trim the excess - go through my movies, books, clothing, etc. and get rid of anything I don’t really like and learn to keep things that way

31. Figure out how I really want to decorate my home and DO IT

32. Learn to be ok with going places alone – I already have the movies and restaurants

33. REALLY stop biting my nails...

34. Own a Candy-Apple Red 1969 Mustang Convertible to match J’s Hard Top (which will be dark purple when it’s finished...)

35. On that note - Finish restoring J’s Mustang

36. Further on that note - Finish restoring the Corvette too...

37. Go to New York again

38. Figure out the story to go with the book title I’ve had floating around in my head for years...

39. Figure out how to finally get my skin to stop thinking I’m still a teenager...

40. Try something new every time I go to a restaurant

41. Learn how to cook

42. Learn to dance – salsa, ballroom, swing...

43. Successfully snowboard down the bunny slope without falling or giving up after falling too many times...

44. Visit Carlsbad Caverns again – I vaguely remember going there when I was little

45. Go to the Grand Canyon – I honestly don’t know if I’ve even see it in person...

46. Have a professional bra fitting done to make sure I wear the right size and get some really nice bras

47. Go horseback riding – and I’m not talking a nose-to-butt trail ride

48. Visit Hawaii

49. Visit Japan

50. Visit England

51. Visit Australia and New Zealand

52. Visit Scotland

53. Visit France

54. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

55. Learn whatever trick it takes to make my nail polish last more than one day without chipping

56. Learn how to change a tire

57. Make myself be better about cleaning

58. Figure out how to style my hair in ways other than my go-to down, half-up, or pony-tail

59. Learn how to really use Photoshop

60. Learn how to negotiate

61. Get laser hair removal from the nose down – I don’t ever want to shave, wax, or tweeze ever again...

62. Learn to shoot using a bow and arrows

63. Get better at shooting handguns

64. Get 25 out of 25 at least once in a round of Skeet

65. Visit some of the Man VS Food locations that sound amazing

66. Visit San Francisco

67. Sponsor the Wolf Pack at Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

68. At the very least go visit at least once a year and bring some of the things they so desperately need with us like we did when we went before

69. Learn how to start a lawn mower – not that I’m going to take this chore on, but it’s probably a good thing to know...

70. Sing at the top of my lungs and not care what people think – especially while driving in my car

71. Learn to parallel park

72. See the Giant Sequoias

73. Learn to knit something more complicated than a scarf

74. Walk on the Great Wall of China

75. See the pyramids

76. Learn to play the Moonlight Sonata on the piano

77. Be the “Star in the Reasonably Priced Car” and drive a lap on Top Gear!

78. Go to Mardi Gras to see the insanity

79. Find a great cowboy hat like the one I almost bought once... Never thought I would want to own a cowboy hat, but I actually look pretty dang good in them...

80. Send my parents on a vacation to Australia like my mom has always wanted

81. Give my dad the red, soft-top Jeep he’s always wanted

82. Say “Thank You” to everyone who has meant something in my life

83. Live long enough to see my first great-grandchild

84. Find out what exactly Cherry Ironport is, while drinking some from the Malad Drive-In

85. Have plums on my mini-plum tree that are actually edible

86. Go to a psychic just for laughs

87. Be in another movie – even if it is just extra work and I’m merely human scenery...

88. Meet Daniel Tosh and “Surprise Trust Fall” him

89. Meet Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Alexander Skarsgard and tell them all how smoking hot they are

90. Sit and listen to someone with an Irish accent long enough to pick it up

91. Get some really awesome novelty colored contacts – like red or cat’s eye or white... Something fun for Halloween

92. Figure out a way to work from home

93. Work at Starbuck’s just long enough to have someone start in with one of those really long, complicated orders so that I can interrupt them and say, “TOO LONG. You get chocolate milk!”

94. Write more frequently

95. Visit Fiji and stay in one of those little hotel rooms that’s out over the water

96. Pet a huge jungle cat – like a lion or a tiger... or a panther... Obviously while they are sedated or something

97. Dye my hair a really bright color – like violet or something – just once... Temporarily

98. Pay for someone’s toll at a toll booth – or pay for their food in the drive-thru

99. Laugh every day

100. Dance with my husband for our 50th Anniversary


  1. Finish the blanket that I started when I was 11. If I only had a dollar for each of my unfinished projects, I would be a millionaire! Very nice list. Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  2. Oh my gosh. So i'll be honest, i didn't read through your whole list because i didn't think you could possibly have 100 but sure enough you did. this is awesome!! I hope you'll be able to check them off one by one :)

  3. I want no. 27 too! The ladder especially! We do have a library room which right now is doubling as a guest room which my brother-in-law has been inhabiting for way too long.

    Love your list!

  4. Oh my goodnesss, good for you for thinking of 100 things. I love the "fly first class" one...that's a good one! And I'd say the Christian Louboutin shoes, but then again, I'd have nowhere to wear them...well, maybe while I was flying first class!

  5. Haha! This was a fun one... Thank you for all of the comments :-) I really need to finish the blanket, I plan on getting as many crossed off as possible, I WILL have a library, and I will definitely wear my Laboutins while flying first class :-)

  6. Wow! That is quite the list, missy! And of course, most of those are totally doable....some requiring more bravery than others (sky diving? really??)

    Since you're in for a long, long'll have plenty of time to complete this list. Tell Brad I said, "Hey."

  7. The sky diving plan is wait until I have a family and they are grown up and happy and I have lived a long life... That way if something goes wrong, I won't have any regrets :-) haha

  8. LOVE this list!!Good for you! I flippin' LOVE #9. Oh my GOSH I'd pay to see that!
    Stopping in from SITS.

  9. I definitely would make sure not to actually touch him, but it'd be funny to see what would happen... haha

  10. "Visit Ireland" is TOTALLY at the top of my bucket list.

    And the shirt? DRESS BARN, apparently! :)~

  11. I've always wanted to go to Ireland... And that shirt was ridiculously adorable... If I can't find one like it, I'm going to have to stare at your picture until I am able to recreate it myself...


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