Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things I Am Thinking About RIGHT Now....

- The holiday gift exchange we were supposed to go to last Friday got moved to this Friday...

- Yesterday felt like Thursday. Today feels like Friday. I seriously hate when that happens.

- I love Ann Taylor. Like, A LOT. I’m so glad there is an Ann Taylor factory store near enough to me so that I can get the clothes I want for half the price...

- I finally did a little Christmas shopping. I now pretty much have J completely covered... I had e-mailed our friend’s dad about a handheld GPS thing that he takes offroading with him so that he can track where he’s been. J had been geeking out about it, so I wanted to get him one. After hearing back and looking it up... I’m not spending $300 on it... Sorry, honey.

- I still need to get something for my parents and for my brother and his wife. And I need to get stuff for the people in my office that I like enough to give something... I’m thinking this year I am going to make fudge. J says that as long as there are left-overs for him, he will help me make the crap-ton of fudge that it will take to get everyone. I told him that that can be arranged...

- I am loving Angry Birds Seasons... The Christmas version is a little advent calendar... You can only open up one new level each day until Christmas :-)

- My car is now a year old... Only two years to go. I’ve already been debating what car to get next... I love my IS, but I gotta plan... haha I’m thinking maybe a Highlander... I’m surprised that it took me a full year to start thinking about it... I guess I must truly love the IS. When I behave like a responsible adult and get more practical cars, I start thinking about the next car after maybe a week... haha

- The “lady” next to me at work is taking tomorrow off and two more days in the next two weeks. Last second. Right before we are off for the holidays. Tomorrow is so she can go to the spa. I understand that people are entitled to take time off if they have it, but I really cannot remember the last time she worked a full week. I want to punch her in the mouth every time I hear her complain about not having enough time to get everything done.

- J was complaining about Christmas music the other day in stores... So when we were back in the car, I jokingly put on the Hanukah channel on my xm. Oh, WOW! SOOOO much worse... Seriously.

- I am really looking forward to tonight’s episode of Bones... It looks really good.

- I cannot BELIEVE that it is already time for the Season Finale of Dexter!!! It went by way too quickly...

- The day after I get to quit working (I can dream....) I am going to dye my hair bright red to celebrate. Or bright purple. Simply because I can.

- I hope all the stuff I ordered for J gets here in time for me to wrap...

- I need to put up my mini tree and decorate it... Maybe it will help me get more in the Christmas spirit... It just doesn’t feel like Christmas this year... Not anywhere near my family, my best friend and her husband are leaving for Canada on Christmas Eve to see his family... I am just feeling really blah about Christmas right now.

- I hope J took the subtle-as-a-brick “hint” about my Amazon wish list and buys me the things I want... J: What do you want for Christmas? Me: I’ve been making an Amazon wish-list. Haha

- I have to bust out my sewing machine when I get home because I just noticed that there is a place on the leg of my brand new, super comfy grey Ann Taylor cords where the seam is coming undone! Ugh..... This will not do....


  1. Loved last night's episode of Bones. That is all.

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with Angry Birds, LOL! The Christmas ones are so hard... it drives me bonkers, but I can't stop playing!

  3. Some are really hard! It's crazy... haha


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