Thursday, January 20, 2011

10 Reasons Why I Could Never Be Friends with Alexander Skarsgard:

1. Because... well... he looks like this without a shirt on:

 Photo from here.
And drool is so not a good look for me.

2. Because he was Meekus in Zoolander and I would make him crazy trying to get him to keep doing the voice and the “Earth To” jokes...

3. Because when I wasn’t trying to make him do the Meekus voice, I would be trying to make him talk like Eric.

4. I would probably keep calling him “Eric” and it would make him crazy...

5. My husband probably wouldn’t like it much...

6. We wouldn’t be able to hang out anywhere without being mobbed by fans...

7. Because even though I live in Southern California, I very rarely have any celebrity encounters... Especially not ones that would lead to becoming friends with the celebrity...

8. Because the paparazzi would probably start rumors that I was carrying his love-child or something and my husband really wouldn’t appreciate that...

9. Because knowing him in real life could potentially ruin the magic of watching him in movies and on True Blood...

10. Because, while he seems to be fairly intelligent, I would be so disappointed if he turned out to be just a pretty face... and arms, chest, abs.....

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And, really, none of these things would stop me from befriending Alexander Skarsgard... So, Alex, my potential-future-best-friend... If you are reading this... Call me! I’ll bring the “BFF” necklaces... Do you prefer the “Be Fri” side or the “st ends” side?


  1. hahaha!! oh that was funny!! :D I ♥ Eric Northman, LOL...

  2. Stopping by via MamaKat!


    That is so hilarious... I agree that your husband probably wouldn't like it much.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, the snow is actually pretty soft and getting ready to go out and build a snowman.

    Enjoyed your post, made me smile.

  3. Oh! Be still my heart! I have sort of a secret crush on Skarsgard...I'd like to say I can't help myself because of our shared Scandinavian heritage, but well, it's probably due to a little more than that (witness above photo...then swoon!). I feel better I am not alone, however!

  4. Jill - <3 him too... Can't wait for the new season!

    JTwisdom - thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the snow!!

    Catfurtomakekittenbritches - (your name is cracking me up... btw)I think we are nowhere NEAR alone... haha

  5. That was hilarious! (your post)
    (and the video - I can't believe I've never seen Zoolander. And maybe weirder, I thought I had, until I just watched that. You totally changed my life.)
    (visiting from SITS)

  6. I.LOVE.YOUR.BRAIN. and agree on all counts. will share with friends and 'like' you on the social network of doom. thank you.

  7. hehehe..... Earth to Meekus!! lol ....


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