Friday, January 28, 2011


It’s no secret that I would not work if I had the choice. I think one way to ease the pain would be if I could find a way to work from home... In reality, it would be very easy to do my current job from home.

They could even get me an IP phone set up at home and I would still be able to answer and transfer calls just like if I were sitting at my desk. I would go in once a week to pick up and drop off stuff, get things signed, etc. Then back to my house. But because that is not even in the realm of “remote possibilities,” I have been brainstorming about something else that could be more fun.

So here are my ideas of things that would enable me to make some money by working from home....

1. Hired Assassin:
How easy would that be? I just wait for a file to show up with a picture and a location, the money gets deposited in my Swiss Bank Account... Bing, bang, boom - Millionaire.

And no way would I be one of those messy “hands-on” type assassins. No, thank you. I’ll take a nice high-powered sniper rifle any day. I already know that I am extremely accurate with a rifle, so all I would really have to learn is to compensate for distance and wind-speed and all that nonsense.

I already own a lot of black clothing, so wardrobe isn’t an issue...

Oh... And of course I would only kill bad people. Like Dexter!

2. Twitter-er:
You pay me to tweet for you. We all know how tiring it is to sit there and constantly update the world with your every move... I’ll do it for you! And your life will become as exciting as my imagination can make it.

Example 1:
“So-and-so” is taking their first steps on the moon....

Bam. You’re an astronaut now. Take that, everyone that ever doubted you!

Example 2:
“So-and-so” just kicked Bobby Flay’s butt in a cook-off!

How awesome are you? And cooking skills are TOTALLY not required.

You would be more than welcome to steer me in any direction that you would prefer your awesomeness to go... Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars.

3. Editor:
Ok, so this one actually sounds like a serious job... And it actually is something that (as someone that LOVES to read) I would be interested in. But really, right now, I’m not talking about being a serious editor. I don’t want to do the hard part of “you need to cut 5,000 words out of this manuscript.” I’m talking about curling up and reading while making spelling and grammar corrections using my pretty pink (not red - red is so elementary school spelling test) pen. It’s the same one I use to correct letters for one of the managers that I work with currently... It just seems less harsh to me...

4. Launderer:
I would totally lounge on my couch and do your laundry... I don’t do “hand-washables” that can’t go in the “hand washable cycle” on the washing machine. And I don’t iron or fold underwear. I do, however, pair up socks. You bring it by and when you come back to pick it up, it will be fresh, neatly folded, and smell like a sunny spring day... (Or whatever smell is on sale.... I’m not wasting my more expensive free and clear, hypoallergenic stuff on you... Unless you pay for it...) I’ll even make sure my cats don’t lay on it...

5. Letter Folder:
But NOT envelope licker. Gross.

I am lightning quick at folding letters. But I only do one kind of fold, so it had better be the style you are ok with...

6. Product Tester:
I am thinking products along the lines of pajamas, pillows, blankets... Maybe video games.... That kind of stuff.

7. Content Approver:
Your kids want to watch a movie, but you don’t know if it’s ok for them? And you don’t have time to check it out yourself? I’ll watch it and let you know... You tell me what are “deal-breakers” and I’ll tell you if there are any. Hey, I’ll do this for adults too... Wondering if a certain movie is good for a date night? I’ll watch and let you know...

That’s all I can think of for now... Seems like a good list to start from......


  1. I think you might be on to something with a few of these. I'm currently editing my boyfriend's book and believe me, I'd rather someone else do it. LOL

  2. Right?! That's what I was thinking... haha


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