Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Memory...

I don’t really know why it popped in my head the other day, but I have been thinking about something that happened a couple years ago that still feels like it had to have been a dream...

We had met up with friends at a local pool place called Big Shots. We played a few games - which I quickly lost. Because I’m terrible. 

Just because I have my own pool cue does not mean that I am any good... You know they sell those things at Walmart, right? Well, they do...

Any who... Once everyone was sick of playing, we all decided it was time to head home. We were out in the parking lot - talking and saying goodbye when we heard a commotion up by the front door. A man was yelling and cursing at someone else... No idea what the problem was, but he seemed pretty pissed... We didn’t really take too much notice because he was standing near the doorman/bouncer and we figured he would diffuse the situation. Until it suddenly got weirdly quiet.

We all looked back up there to see the man that had been yelling holding the other (much smaller) guy up against the wall with a knife to his throat.

My first thought was “There is no way that’s happening right now... There is NO WAY this is happening... This is South Orange County!!!”

My second thought was “Crap - He’s gonna stab him, J and the other guys are gonna be heroes and tackle ‘knife guy’, and I’m gonna have to tend to the wounded man... And I don’t want to get blood on my jeans... I really like these jeans....”

Because that’s obviously what goes through your head in a moment like that.........

Well, we quietly walked closer to our cars while one of my friends called 911 and eventually went home. No one was stabbed, no heroics were needed, and I didn’t get any blood on my jeans.

I remember the next day it seemed so much like it was a dream. I have always had really vivid dreams and sometimes forget if something was real or not and seriously had to verify with J that it really happened.

It didn’t make me feel any less safe in an area I’ve lived in for years... I had completely forgotten about it until the other day... Seems like something you would remember - something that would go through your head every time you drove past the place... And I drive past it regularly.

But we haven’t gone back there since that night...


  1. Don't you love those 'forgotten' memories that appear at the most random times? I like your blog!


  2. Wow - this totally would have freaked me out! I am glad that it didn't seem too nightmarish for you though.

    It's interesting about forgotten memories. I had one the other day and now I can't stop thinking about it.

    Stopping by from SITS

  3. I am not sure what I would have done or thought that night. Scary regardless.

    Thank you for popping by on my SITS day.



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