Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Catching Up...

Wow. I am a total slacker lately... I think part of the problem is that I’ve been getting back into working out and then by the time I’m done with that, showering, and eating something for dinner, it’s practically time to go to bed! Plus I’ve been really busy at work, so I haven’t really had more than a couple minutes at a time to try to smack together a passable post...

To catch everyone up - the stuff that has been going on lately falls into three categories:

Face Punches Should be Socially Acceptable
Please Make it Disappear

Let’s start with the SUCK and move to the good...


- Gas Prices - I am no longer as super-in-love with my “Premium-Gas-Only” IS250 now that it costs me almost $60 to fill my tank. Not cool.

- American Idol - Yes, I have heard from EVERYONE that it’s such a good season... But I’m seriously over it. And I really hate that it gets to ruin my regularly scheduled programming. I shouldn’t have to go two weeks between my favorite shows because they feel the need to stretch 40 minutes of show into 2 hours....

- The woman next to me at work. That’s all...

Face Punches Should be Socially Acceptable

- I should never have to have the argument with someone that outranks me at work that I cannot possibly have created the tracking sheet that they want so badly because they have not provided me with the information I have been asking for. That I HAVE to have in order to create the sheet... And it’s been two full days of me asking for it...

- I should also never have to have this conversation with the same person:
          Me: Oh, so all but one of the scarves we ordered as the gift for the wives for that dinner showed up.
          Them: Oh, well that’s fine. Someone cancelled anyway.
          Me: Cool.
          Them: Which scarf didn’t show up?
          Me: Um... The one that didn’t? Are...... Are you joking? You... Well... You do realize that they are all IDENTICAL, right?
          Them: Oh yeah.
And then my head exploded.

- The woman that sits next to me at work. Haha Yes, she fits in both categories....

- Still (very impatiently) awaiting Froyo being released for my phone. If you don’t know, that’s the new version of the Android operating system. I am currently stuck on Éclair. And some people are already getting GINGERBREAD! That’s one step past Froyo! Come on, Verizon!! We’ve been patient long enough... Make with the Froyo!!!

- The weather - I know, I know... I live in Southern California and have no right to want to punch the weather in the face... But it seriously can’t make up its mind! One days it’s raining, the next it’s freezing (SoCal freezing...), and then the next it’s 85 out! I can’t keep up... I was hoping for the cold to hang on longer because I really love sleeping with my fuzzy sheets on my bed and that can’t happen when it’s warm out unless I want to wake up in a puddle of sweat... Gross.

- Forgetfulness - I have been meaning to call and RSVP for my friend’s baby shower ever since I got the invitation... (Probably two weeks ago... Maybe more............) I’m terrible at remembering that kind of stuff. When I get home from work, my brain switches off!


- Pandora Radio - I don’t know what took me so long to explore my love of this. It gets me through the day.

- This video:
Tom Hanks is really funny. I love it.

- Honey Girl Organics - I had seen a review of this skin care line on Stay At Home Babe’s blog and was mightily intrigued... Who wouldn’t want their skin to feel amazing and have all the little lines magically disappear?? So even though she is doing give-aways to win this stuff, I couldn’t wait. I had to order it... Especially since she had a 15% off code (LovelyBees f.y.i.) to make the price nice. I got the Facial Cleanser, Facial Toner, Face & Eye Crème, and Night Crème.

I just got it two days ago and was excited to hurry home after work to try it out... I will admit - I am not 100% crazy about how it all smells, but I would take it any day to already be noticing the difference! I washed my face the past two nights, used the toner, and the night crème and then yesterday morning and this morning washed my face and used the toner again and then applied the face and eye crème. Not kidding - I already notice the lines under my eyes fading. After TWO DAYS! (I’ll update you as I progress...) It’s more than I normally spend on skin care stuff (even with the coupon), but the results have me sold. I feel like I am definitely getting my money’s worth.

- Going riding! - We took the quad out for a day trip this past Saturday with my best friend and her husband. We met up on the road, got stuck in horrible traffic in the 909 because of construction, and then had a super giant blast of a blast out riding in El Mirage.
 The girls ready to ride - I'm the one in green. With bunny ears... ha
And away we go!!!
We let the boys play too... My hubby's in the blue gear...

- Glee last night! - Awww... Santana has a heart! And Afternoon Delight! hahaha Loved it.

- Possibilities!!!!! - Now, I’ve had things promised to me or hinted to me enough times at work to no longer really believe it until I see it, but something big-ish might be happening for me soon.... Something that would mean I would pretty much never have to see any of the horrible people at my office that make me crazy ever again.... I realize that EVERY office out there has its own version of these people, but I just can’t take my versions any more... I don’t really want to talk it up too much until I know more about what may or may not be happening.... But I will keep you updated!!!

How about everyone else? Any awesomeness? Or things you wish would disappear? And seriously... how can we make face punches socially acceptable??

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