Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Love To Laugh.

And that makes me original? 

I hope I didn’t lose any of you just from that line!! I realize that that is a “most hated” profile phrase for so many people. Might as well say, “I hate when trains run over my feet.” It’s a “DUH!” statement.

I want to see the people that say that they hate to laugh. And then go out of my way to make it happen.

I only use it today to open the door to my list of things that make me laugh every time because I felt that with the world falling apart...

(You do realize that Japan is now 8 - 13 FEET closer to the US now, right? And that that earthquake SPED UP THE EARTH’S ROTATION! What the what what????)

We could all use laugh.


- These Subway Commercials

- People falling down - as long as it's in a funny, non-tragic way...

- My husband doing other accents because I love it so much... (Reading that, it kinda looks sarcastic... It’s totally not. I love his other accents. For real real - not for play play... Especially his Scottish brogue.)

- Animals doing stupid things

- Babies laughing - I’m talking belly laughs here... not just a little giggle. Full out cracking up babies get me every time.

- Kinect Sports for Xbox360 - Specifically the replay of how stupid you looked that plays after each event

- Thinking about an imaginary scenario that came up the other day - I wanted to know what my boss and his boss were talking about... My best friend suggested getting a cup and listening through the wall. I let her know that unfortunately it is a GLASS wall...

Then I pictured how it would play out.... Me sneaking up, putting a cup to the glass, and leaning in for the scoop... Them freezing while staring at me... “What is she doing?” “She knows we can see her, right?” And I am melting back into a puddle of giggles once again....

- Damn You Auto Correct - sometimes the responses are as good as the mistakes... And is just one of a long list of funny websites that I adore...

- Archer. He’s just so stupid. I love it. And Pam eating her lunch out of a full-size crock pot? It’s the little details that keep me coming back for more...

- Ricky Gervais’s voice when it gets all high pitched.

- Youtube - there is no shortage of entertaining things to find... Watch one video, click on a related one, lather, rinse, repeat, lose 4 hours of your life..... haha

- These disturbing little toys.... I play with them every time I see them in a store and laugh hysterically...

- “Your mom” and “That’s what she said” jokes

- Turning on the seat heater or cooler on the passenger seat in my car before someone gets in and seeing how long it takes them to notice... Or slyly changing it when they aren’t looking... Much more noticeable...

- Words like Ballcock, Ballyhoo, Kerfuffle, Onomatopoeia, Bunghole... My brain won’t think of more right now...

- Deciding what group names for animals (flock, troop, school, band, etc.) apply to different groups of people. My two favorites: Murder of bicyclists (because that’s what you want to do when they get in your way) and Pride of Gay People (this has been approved by gay friends... b.t.w.) Love it.

And just to let you know a little more about me.... These are things that cause me to cover my eyes, wince, curl up in the fetal position, or run away...

- Paper cuts - specifically seeing someone else get paper cuts.

- The Burger King King

- Any type of power tools - I immediately picture something going wrong and missing extremities, blood....

- Anything involving spit, mucous, or pus... just the thought.......

- You know those textured wall coverings? Or the stuff that they make those hologram-y cards out of? Hard and kinda ribbed... ish? Scratch your nails on it to make a high pitched noise and I will be dying. Breaking out in goosebumps and my teeth hurt just thinking about it...

Please see the quick video below if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about...
I’m kind of whispering because I had to remember to do this while I was at work... And I didn’t want to have to explain what I was doing. Knowing the people here, they would start going out of their way to scratch it to make me crazy... haha (and I made myself shudder a little when I put my finger near it.... Just f.y.i. ha)

- Squishing bugs - ok... can’t really type anything more about this without gagging. Needless to say J is the primary bug squisher ‘round these parts. Not because I’m scared... But because it makes me violently gag. I can’t even be nearby...

Ok enough freaking myself out......... Go back and look at the funny stuff again to clear your mind of this nonsense...

What makes you laugh? Or what freaks you out? Either way :-)


  1. this makes me laugh

  2. Syd, that video is awesome! I was cracking up... I love how quickly he goes from freaked out to cracking up. :-) Perfect

  3. Oh, you are too funny! I absolutely will stay away from that tissue box...I don't need you ripping off my fingernails, thankyouverymuch.

    I don't know...I hate the snow. More specifically, needing to drive in it. I freak out. Mice freak me out, too. They're not EVER meant to be in my house.

    I love to laugh as well. I try to laugh every single day. I'm off to check out Sydney's video.

  4. My son HATES that toy…someone got it for his for Christmas and it terrifies him.

    My newbie site:
    Flat Stomach Exercises

  5. Great blog! I need a laugh!

    Jamie (visiting from SITS)

  6. This is a great post! I love it!

  7. Thanks for stopping by! Returning the favor!

    Every time I need a laugh, I head over to Damn You Autocorrect. That site is hilarious!

  8. Thanks for stopping by! Glad I could give everyone a laugh :-)

  9. Just what I needed this morning to make me laugh! Stopping by from SITS :) Looking forward to following your hilarious adventures!

  10. DYAC is hilarious, isn't it? Oh my goodness.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!

  11. I'm a sucker for people falling down too. Especially when it's my brother. Thanks for visiting on my SITS day!

  12. too funny! stopping by from SITS. love your background too!!


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