Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rain, Rain... Please Don't Go Away.......

I love going off-roading. It’s a blast to get all geared up and roar around on the quad... But for some reason, I have a hard time getting excited about it until I’m actually out there. It’s weird - I know that I will have a great time once I’m there, but when I think about it beforehand... I absolutely do not want to go.

I am a home-body by nature and after a long stressful week at work, the last thing I want to think about is waking up early and sitting in the car for 1 and a half - 2 hours just to go ride for a few hours... It makes me feel grumpy. Once I’m out there, I am reminded of part of Daniel Tosh’s standup:

Just replace “wave runner” with “Honda TRX450R” and there you go... haha

It’s just so much fun... Except when I get wimpy and wuss out about riding up a big hill... But I’m getting there.

Just talking more about riding is making me less hateful about the idea of going out... The other day I told my best friend that I wasn’t really excited about going and she was sad. Then I told J that I wasn’t really excited about going and he looked like I kicked a puppy....... Ugh. I told them both that I will still go and that I am sure I will be fine when I get out there...

But I can’t help the fact that I have been obsessively checking to see if the rain that is supposed to hit today will please please please carry over to Saturday so that I can get out of it without having to seem whiney and cranky...........


  1. I love quad riding with my husband! So much fun.

    Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day!

  2. I dread overthinking and event I'm not really in the mood for.

    Thanks for visiting for my special SITS Day!


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