Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Rewind

I spent the day at work bouncing around in a good mood - it was Friday, the person that makes my life miserable at work was out, we had made plans to go get delicious burgers at Slater’s 50-50 with my best friend and her husband, my best friend had decided that she wanted to cancel the off-road trip because it was going to be cold, we were finally going to get in to get hair cuts that weekend... It was shaping up to be a good day.

Until I got home. And J didn’t. And didn’t. And didn’t. And didn’t. He was stuck on a job and didn’t end up getting home until 9. Crapper. Ruined the Friday night plans, but that’s fine... Not the end of the world - rescheduled the dinner at Slater’s for Saturday and all was just fine.

Saturday was our 6th anniversary. How it has been that long, I do not know... It feels like just yesterday! Unfortunately our friend/hairstylist had to cancel on the haircuts... She has a lot of health problems and some days are just not good days for her. I would say completely not a problem, but J SERIOUSLY needs a haircut. The jew-fro is getting ridiculous. But there isn’t anything that can be done about it and I do feel bad for her when she’s having problems...

**SIDENOTE** I’m thinking it may be time to donate my hair again. I was going to see how short she thought it would end up after cutting the 10 inches and then styling it and make the decision, but now I have to wait another week... Hopefully I won’t lose my nerve! It’s very scarring to go from LOOOOOOOOONG hair to short hair so quickly... But my hair grows so fast and there are definitely people that need it more than I do... Plus, as much as I love my long hair, I am getting really sick of the amount of conditioner I go through...

Our rescheduled dinner was planned around the fact that our friends had to go to a birthday party and they were going to call and stop by after they were done because it was near our house. Shortly after the party was supposed to be starting, I got a call from K, hysterically laughing... They found out - after walking right in the front door of their friends’ house - that the party was actually on Sunday! Oops!

So we met up, headed to their house to let the dogs out, and then headed over to dinner. Unfortunately there was AN HOUR wait!! 50-50 burgers are delicious, but they are not 1-Hour-Wait delicious! So we went to Lone Star instead. Not a bad consolation prize - filet mignon, baked sweet potato, chicken pot pie soup, and DELICIOUS rolls... Love it. I even got extra rolls so that I could take some home with me.

Back to their place for a nice relaxing soak in the hot tub and our night was complete.

Same routine as always... All the while dreading the Monday morning return to work!

How was your weekend?


  1. Okay, the term Jew-Fro? Hilarious!!! And I would just about to take a nice soak in a hot tub rightaboutnow.
    Sounds like a fairly great weekend, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  2. Thanks! And thanks for stopping in... :-)


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