Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm, like, Totally Rad.

We had 80's day at work last week, so I spent the weekend before it running from Goodwill to Costume Shops to Walmart to prepare for it... (Am I the only one that feels kinda weird going to Goodwill for clothes for a costume? "Excuse me, person shopping for their actual wardrobe... I need that horrible t-shirt to wear to be funny..." Just sayin'... I have seen other people able to find some really cute stuff at Goodwill - mine doesn't have any of that...) We were supposed to have brought in a picture of us from the 80's and then dress in our best 80's look.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.....


Rockin' it.

My hair ended up crimped shortly after I went inside - a coworker had brought her crimping iron. I even had press-on nails that were like a french manicure, but with a difference fluorescent color on each nail. I rocked my 80's look with no shame - hot pink eye shadow and all.

I even went to the bank and the gas station... With my head held high and my purple skirt bouncing.

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  1. Love it.... you are totally rocking that awesome outfit!!!! Though you are much better dressed then I was during the 80s... LOL!!!!


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