Friday, January 20, 2012

Umm - Happy New Year?

I took two weeks off work for the holidays and kind of went on an internet/social networking sabbatical at the same time. Then once I got back to work, I have been so busy (seriously – I came back to 297 e-mails waiting for me my first day) that my brain is melted and I can’t get it function enough to make a coherent post. So until I get back to my normal level of busy/stressed/SUPER exhausted, let’s catch up. Grab your diet coke, coffee, tea - whatever tickles your pickle and let’s talk.

- We did some dog-sitting for our friends after Christmas. As you can see it was a rough life:

 Admission: I contemplated putting ‘ruff’ life instead, but that seemed just a little too gaggy. 
Even for me.

- I got this message the other day at work when I was trying to pull up a floor plan to see where someone sits at another one of our offices. It seems a little ominous.

Useful for a paid assassin though.

 - I’m determined to use the coupons that I get all the time. Normally when they come, I put them on the table next to my purse and fully intend to take them with me and use them. And that never happens. Most recently: I received a $5 off coupon for Fresh and Easy in the mail – we went to Fresh and Easy approximately 10 minutes after receiving said coupon – coupon remained at home on the table. As a motivator, I purchased myself this nifty little coupon holder:

 Cute, huh? Find them here. Lots of super cute patterns.

 Sure, I totally could have made this on my own at home for cheaper... But I had an Amazon gift card that I totally would have used to purchase it if I hadn’t forgotten it on the table!!! See?! Desperate need. Now I always have my coupons and stuff with me :-)

- I got this error today when I tried to load a webpage - I guess if you are going to pause, do it gracefully...

- Etta James, the woman that sang the song “At Last,” died. It’s very sad. And the way I just phrased it is WAY better than the way had it on their Facebook page:

 Rude, You just couldn't wait could you? 
I always thought she seemed like a nice lady...

- I am obsessed with the Albertson’s grocery store game. A woman in my office and I trade game pieces that we can’t use, but neither of us have even won the stupid little $2 prize!

 Aggravation! So close, yet so far away. On so many prizes.

- I’m going to be starting an Etsy store as soon as I get around to taking some pictures. Stay tuned! It’s mostly going to be cuff links and stuff like that.

I really can’t think of anything else... My brain hurts from thinking this much. Seriously.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I always say I'm gonna start couponing. Not extreme couponing or anything, but you know. I also always forget aside from the occasional e-coupon. If I had one of those cute wallet thingies, maybe I'd do better! Or maybe I'd put something else in it. Who cares! It's adorable!

  2. That is the trendiest little coupon holder I've ever seen!


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