Wednesday, May 23, 2012


- I took a week off to clean my house a few weeks ago. I felt like I had been hit by a truck by the end, but it is soooooo worth it. I haven’t seen my house this clean in a long time. We took an entire truck-bed full of stuff to Goodwill. It felt good to de-clutter. The whole time I was cleaning I kept repeating “I will not be a hoarder” over and over and over... And we have kept to the “clean it every other week” that I made him promise to so far!

 What? You mean you don’t wear a tiara while cleaning??  
(Don't look in the kitchen... I hadn't cleaned there yet!)

- I love Method brand cleaners.... And not just because they are at Target. :-) They smell SO good! I really despise the scent of most cleaning products, but these are YUMMY.

- My boy cat had yet another vet appointment this past Saturday to re-re-check his thyroid levels. They are trying to get the dosage right on his medicine... This is starting to get expensive. I heard back from the vet and he is STILL too low... First he was WAY high, now he’s too low... I’ve talked with the vet and they said that all three panels on the first test came back really high. Right now, I think we’re going to try one more dosage of the medicine and if his results come back too low AGAIN – then I’m going to take him off it and see what he comes back at without it.

- I’m obsessed with rose gold right now... There’s a Michael Kors watch that I really want... I just can’t justify the cost. Maybe I’ll request it for Christmas this year... For now, my cheap-o fake rose gold watch from Kohl’s is doing just fine. And gets me lots of compliments.

 Image from HERE
This is the Michael Kors one. Not my cheap-o... So very pretty.

- The diet is going VERY well. I have lost 40.5 pounds since I started!! This has gone better than I ever thought it would. I thought it would take me a year to get to where I am now. Don’t get me wrong – I am DEFINITELY not complaining. It’s awesome. I’m happy that it seems like I finally made it off the plateau I was stuck on! It’s annoying to not see the numbers keep changing. At least they weren’t going back up... It’s just frustrating and my brain starts screaming “EAT ALL THE CUPCAKES!!!!!” when I go too long without seeing the numbers drop....

 This right here? This is why I don’t give in when my brain is screaming..... What a difference a year makes... First pic was from right after I donated my hair last year (well before I started on Nutrisystem) and the second pic was from a couple days ago.

 I’ve lost 162 butter trees.... I have no idea why my grocery store still had these well into March...

- I CANNOT WAIT to buy a new wardrobe. I feel like a hobo in most of my clothes. I was determined to not buy new stuff all the way down because it would be ridiculous. I had to break down and buy some new work pants... I just couldn’t go out in public in the old ones anymore... It was embarrassing. Most of my tops are ok – baggy, but ok... The pants weren’t ok anymore... They were making me look ridiculous. And bigger than I actually am... And I have found that I actually like trying on clothes now. Before it was a necessary evil... Now I want to try on EVERYTHING. In fact, I’m going to go hunting for a cute pair of capris tonight...

- There is this “ice cream” that I use for one of my snacks every once in a while – it’s called Arctic Zero. This stuff is awesome. Only 150(ish) calories in an entire PINT. It’s more like a frozen protein shake than “real” ice cream, but 1/2 a cup definitely hits the spot when I want ice cream. And no guilt!

- I worked out in a hotel gym while away at a work function. In snug work-out capri leggings. And I wasn’t embarrassed to be seen by people – and not just strangers... People from my office! BOOYAH.

- I’m thinking that I might dye my hair red again when I am done... It would be a whole new me. But then I remember how much maintenance red hair requires... And I cringe. A lot.

- J got me to watch The Adventures of Tin Tin the other day. He loved it as a kid and was SUPER excited when it was coming out. I had barely heard of it... It was very funny and entertaining.

- We watched the series finale of House last night. I am seriously sad about this show being over.

- J’s truck came in while I was doing my cleaning week. We got him a Tundra – it was a slippery slope of “First-world Problems.” We got the new camper so that we could have two quads, the Tacoma wasn’t strong enough to pull the camper once we got the second quad. Now we have the bigger truck and J is looking for a bigger camper. The one we got was the biggest one that the Tacoma could tow, but now that we have the Tundra...... Why not have a little more space and comfort?

- Oh... And... The truck is super pretty. And a giant hulking behemoth – that I have named “Gigantor.” I’ll be driving it to work most days because I work a lot closer to home. It’s weird to be in such a big truck. I miss my car... J gets to enjoy all my little comforts! And he doesn’t even LIKE leather seats.... And barely ever uses the seat heaters or coolers! <pout>


- I found these super cute shoes at TJ Maxx the other day when I was trying to find something for a work dinner... I couldn’t resist them. I mean.... Purple suede wedges? ADORABLE.

 It was love at first sight...

- There was an eclipse the other day and I completely forgot.... Until I saw everyone posting pictures and it was already over. Oops.....

- My birthday is on FRIDAY! The best thing about being born at the end of May is that I almost always get a long weekend for my birthday! I have no idea what I want... And J hasn’t asked. This either means that he already has something in mind or he hasn’t thought about it at all.... I guess I’ll find out on Friday!

- I absolutely love the new Scion FR-S. I got to drive one the other day and I think it is definitely swaying it towards being my next car... And the one I drove was exactly the one I would get – it was a manual transmission and it was RED. LOVE.

- J surprised me the other night with a new tankless water heater! I have been bugging him for YEARS to replace our ancient (totally crappy) water heater and he finally did! He was going to wait for me to figure it out, but he just couldn’t handle it... He HAD to tell me. :-) It is the best thing ever. No more worrying about running out of hot water!!

- His second surprise was that we are also FINALLY getting new windows! We have the company coming out to do the office window measurements on Saturday and then it will be about a month before they are ready to be installed. I CANNOT wait. I think I must have scored some SERIOUS wifey points by scrubbing the entire house down!

Wait.... Those two things had better not be my birthday present................... He wouldn’t...... No. No... Definitely not....

- I still haven’t gone to see Hunger Games! I’m thinking of demanding this one day this weekend. I want to see it before it’s gone!

- I had to give up my fuzzy sheets for the summer a couple weeks ago... They are so comfortable, but it was getting WAY too warm for them.

- My office recently got Outlook for the e-mail system – this has caused so much whining... I personally do not understand what the big deal is. It’s just e-mail. And it’s a really easy system to use after you click around in it for a while...

- I have decided that my celebratory meal for when I hit my goal weight will be a carne asada torta from Jalapenos. I seriously dream about that bread. It will be glorious. 

And then I will probably feel like crap because I haven’t eaten anything like that for a long time....

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