Monday, March 16, 2009


My friend and her husband recently bought a house (their first). Totally cute place. We have been helping them remodel it. Our husbands did a huge amount of work totally demoing the kitchen and rebuilding it. I helped with a little painting and ripping out the nasty old carpet. It mostly entailed pulling out all the staples that were holding the nasty carpet down to the awesome hardwood floors that were hidden underneath. They ended up having to have the wood floors sanded and refinished to fix the years of high traffic that ground from the carpet down onto the floor. It is now a gorgeous, warm color. The only really big thing left is to get the counters ordered and put them in. After that, they can install the sink and the house will be done - minus the minor other cosmetic things that they want to do. It's such a cute place and I am so happy for them to be able to finally buy the house they have been looking for for quite a while. And I already know where I am going to be spending my summer... In their pool! :-) It's been a long, hard process, but working with them was more than worth it. And I couldn't imagine not being there to help them...

This weekend we also went out to a movie with our other friends that we hadn't seen for a while. E was busy for a long time studying for the bar and FINALLY passed! We were so happy for him because we knew that it was very stressful. R was sick for a long time and we were really worried about her, but her most recent surgery seems to really be helping her and we are really hopeful that this will help her to feel better FINALLY. We went to her salon first so that J could FINALLY (haha) get his hair cut. His Jewfro was getting quite impressive... After that, we went up to Bella Terra in Huntington Beach to see Coraline. E had done a bunch of research and found out that apparently that was one of the best places to see it because they have better 3D technology. It was a cute movie and the 3D made it really fun... Until there was a power surge and the video went black. We ended up only being able to hear what was essentially the climax of the movie... Total bummer. The video eventually came back on, but we had missed too much of the movie to make it worth sticking around. So we went out and got our money back... Oh well. It was still a fun movie... Not really for children, in case you are wondering. I'll have to buy it when it comes out on DVD so that I can find out what happened.

That's pretty much been the standard for the past month of our lives... haha Hard work, but worth it. With enough fun thrown in to stay relaxed.

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