Friday, March 13, 2009

Starting off...

How to begin? I just bought myself a really cute bronze laptop. I decided that, as a grown-up, I could finally start buying myself the things I have always wanted.

I had originally wanted this super-adorable red one. It was gorgeous and tiny. My darling husband was aggravating ;-) enough to point out to me that I would not be able to do all the things that I wanted to do if I got that one... It didn't have enough memory... It didn't have a big enough hard drive... It cost as much as a laptop that DID have all those things just because it was super-adorable and red. So I listened to him. He did have a point... I want to be able to do photo-editing and the little laptop wouldn't have been able to keep up with what I want to do... He is my voice of reason when my little impulse-buying alarms start going off. It was ridiculously cute though... check it out:

I loved almost everything about it - the pretty shade of red, the pretty Asian-style flowers... Right down to the absolutely enchanting color-matched red keyboard. But I would have had to have an external... EVERYTHING.

So I got a different one. And it's great.

But with it, I decided that it will now give me an easier way to start a blog. All my life I have tried and failed to keep journals/diaries/blogs/etc... I start off strong, but then quickly abandon them. I have so many little notebooks strewn around that are not even half full. It's kinda sad. Especially after reading on "" that one of the more recent was notebooks. They specified "moleskine notebooks," but I still feel sufficiently lame. So here I am. Trying once again to start something with full intention of continuing with it.

I guess only time will tell.

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