Monday, March 23, 2009

Family Guy

I am watching an old episode of Family Guy and am still giggling about the line "The safety word is banana." HAHA I love Peter and Lois talking about how they can't believe that their safe little town could have a drug problem emerging as they are getting ready for bed. They both pull on leather outfits and immediately after that, she smacks Peter. Love it.

An update on the "Marley and Me" crying front... I almost cried at the part where the wife found out that the baby she was carrying didn't develop and it had to be aborted. She holds it together up until they get home and she buries her face in the dog's neck and starts sobbing. That almost got me. But it didn't really have anything to do with the dog. It more just ties into my uncontrollable desire to have a baby.

On that topic - we were supposed to start trying as of our anniversary. Last year. There are several things that are in the way - all of which relate to my father-in-law and money issues pertaining to him. We were so close to finally moving forward... It's just so frustrating. I have known pretty much all my life that I wanted to have children. And I have known since shortly into my relationship with J that I wanted to have them with him. Now our anniversary is coming up again (4 years married) next month and it is a little depressing. If we had started trying last year and were lucky conceiving, we would already have a baby. I was so hopeful a few months ago that we had a "surprise" on our hands... I was three weeks late. Unfortunately the three negative home tests and the negative blood test proved true when Aunt Flo reared her ugly head... Oh well. I know that it will happen... I just always thought it would have happened by now... But there's not much more I can do to force my husband to hurry with taking care of the stuff with his father.

I just have to be patient. Unfortunately that was not a virtue that I was blessed with.

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