Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kelly... OUT.

I am so done with American Idol this season... It hasn't been a very good season anyway, but when the only remaining person that I was really rooting for got booted last night, I cut it off from my DVR for the remainder of the Season. I really liked Red, but unfortunately America didn't.

Oh - and I can never remember their names, so they all have nicknames... So far this season we have seen Weiner-Wiggle, Red, Forgettable Guy, Glasses, Blindey, Super-Gay-Boy (I have nothing against gay people - he just irritates me), Blondie, and Big Rounds. I never had a problem remembering Matt Giraud's name because it sounds like a Bostonian saying Gerard and cracks me up. If you can guess who some of those are, I will be impressed.... haha

Last night was the series finale of Scrubs... REALLY anticlimactic. Pretty boring. Oh well. I'm bummed to see it go, but at least someone brought it back to let them finish it instead of it just disappearing like it seemed it was going to... Ah, closure.

A few new favorite shows: Fringe - Walter is my current favorite tv character. He's just so... off. I love it. Dollhouse - the episode when you find out that the guy's neighbor is a doll because they activate her and she kills someone? I was practically jumping off my couch in surprise. Lie To Me - LOVE the real-world examples they show in each episode... I can no longer watch Simon Cowell touch his face with his middle finger when he's talking to Ryan without cracking up... Better Off Ted - Hysterical. I hope it's able to stick around. Quirky and fun. Love the "commercial" for Veridian Dynamic (VD - hahaha Love it) at the beginning of every episode.

Jury is still out on Parks and Recreation and that new cartoon after the Simpson's on Sunday... I'm going to have to check out Glee when it starts because I love that surly, butch lady from 40-Year-Old Virgin. Her dead-pan delivery of highly offensive or weird things gets me every time. Don't know how long I will last watching it, but we'll see...

As you can see... I LOVE my DVR. It is pretty much one of the best inventions EVER.


  1. Blindey is a give-me. Is Super-Gay-Boy the one who wears more makeup than you and me together in addition to the guy-liner? He bugs big time.
    I'm not watching any more either.

  2. You got him. He's way too theatrical. And when he sticks his tongue out when he sings big notes it literally makes me gag. Gross.


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