Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday already??

Now, on normal week, I LONG for Friday... But this is not a normal week. For my birthday, I decided I deserved a week off. It's been a while since I had the opportunity to do nothing. I love these little times. I just can't believe that Friday got here so quickly. Sleeping most of the day away yesterday didn't help matters... I had all sorts of plans in my head when I got up - go to Bloomingdales and spend my gift card that I got from work, stop by Sprinkles and get my husband the Banana-Dark Chocolate Iced cupcake he wants to try... Among other less fun errands... But then I got a blinding headache and ended up laying on the couch most of the day... Oh well.

I've found that being home like this makes me really lazy... haha When I'm not sleeping, I've pretty much been playing on my laptop, reading, flipping through magazines, and watching a lot of What Not To Wear constantly. Today I am feeling no where near productive by any means, but more so than other days... I mean, I woke up with just enough time to run to Del Taco for my favorite breakfast burritos... Had lunch with the hubby (so what if I had no idea he was going to be stopping by... haha) And I am freshly showered. See, not productive, but at least I don't stink and have left the house today...... So there.

This weekend is just going to fly by, unfortunately, and then I'll be right back in my usual swing... Tonight, we are probably doing our usual hanging out at my best friend's house and alternating playing 5 Crowns (FUN card game) and playing with her puppy, Cowboy. Tomorrow evening is a bbq for our friend's birthday. With errands and laundry thrown in around everything.

The only thing I am looking forward to when I get back to work is that my bosses are going to take me out for lunch for my birthday (this past Monday. I'm 29. When did that happen??!!??!!) and my 10-year-anniversary gift should have arrived. Also, when did that happen? I can't believe it's been 10 years. Craziness. Where is time going? Oh - for my gift I chose a digital camera. It was the only thing I really could have possibly wanted off the list... Plus, we don't really have a cheapo throw-away digital camera that we can take anywhere and not worry about... The others are too expensive to take everywhere... Plus, this one is mine. My friends better be ready to have their pictures taken a lot... haha And it's not like it's a crappy camera... It's actually a name-brand, decent one... But it's my favorite price - Free-99.

My birthday was pretty uneventful... I haven't even gotten my birthday present yet. Josh is getting me a sewing machine. Weird request, I know, but I've always wanted one and my friend's mom works for a company that sells top of the line ones and we can get a really good deal on it, so that's what I'm getting. I'm excited. It really didn't feel like I had a birthday, but I guess that's kind of what happens as you get older... It's not such a momentous occasion... It was still a nice day with my husband, my best friend, and her husband.

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