Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wii and TV

After seeing several ads and then reading several reviews for the new EA Active for the Wii, I decided to buy it the other day. I started the 30-day Challenge on Monday… In order to not feel like I was being a wuss, I chose moderate difficulty. After only two days of working out with my virtual personal trainer….. I think maybe I should have picked easy! HAHA! It’s actually a workout. Where Wii Fit was always more of a game – with the yoga and the strength exercises being the only really useful things on there - Active really kicks your butt! After day one, I was sore, but still feeling pretty ready for day two. After day two, I am SO glad that today is the rest day! After about 8 sets of different kinds of lunges and several different running drills, I was yelling at my poor virtual trainer that I hated her and that if she were real, I would punch her. Yes, I am crazy enough to yell at my tv, actually. But, at the same time, I am really excited to see how the workouts keep progressing and what kind of results I get after the 30-day Challenge is over. And then to do it again. And again. Until it gets easy. Then I’ll change it to the harder difficulty and do that until it’s easy. Then I can create my own workouts from the things that I really enjoy or really push me. I am determined to – at the very least – finish this 30-day Challenge perfectly, getting every workout completed. So far, I’m way above the mark of predicted calorie burn, so that’s good. Hopefully I can keep that up… We’ll see!

So, I was very bummed recently to find out that one of my favorite shows, Reaper, was not going to be picked up again… It is SUCH a funny show with some really great characters and stories. To make things worse, they ended this season with a total cliffhanger and so many questions unanswered… Sigh. At least most of my other favorites are coming back next season… For some reason Scrubs got picked up again. Even though Zack Braff said he wasn’t going to be on the show. And even though they totally wrapped everything up in the finale. Weird. I’ll probably check out a couple episodes to see what they do with it.

For now, I have to deal with a ton of re-runs. At least it gives us a chance to catch up on our poor over-loaded DVR. And there is one new show that I am enjoying so far – Mental. It’s about a psych ward doctor and the crazy cases that they get. Last night had a woman and her husband – the husband had gone crazy after they lost their first child and proceeded to become increasingly delusional to the point that he convinced her that she was pregnant and her mind tricked her body into thinking it was pregnant. She looked pregnant, had ALL the symptoms, just no baby. Weirdness.

Oh – and Key Lime Cupcakes from Sprinkles are delicious, but they could never come close to taking the place of Red Velvet as my favorite…

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