Thursday, June 4, 2009

10 years, 15 years, picture time... haha

So, the other day, while thinking about the insanity of the fact that I have worked for this company for 10 years I realized that as of this month, I also will have lived in South Orange County for 15 years! I moved pretty much every couple years growing up – 5 years being the longest I had EVER lived anywhere before… Wow. It makes me itchy. These are the times that I try my hardest to talk my husband into moving somewhere else… But he’s lived here his entire life and I don’t think I have any chance of ever actually getting him out of here. I’ve been SO close to convincing him several times, but never seal the deal. Oh well. I guess I just have to learn to deal with actually being stable and having roots in one place… haha

For my 10th Anniversary, Toyota found it in their hearts to bestow on me a gift of my choosing (from a catalog of their choosing) and, as I said in a previous post, I decided on the digital camera. I have been playing with it – figuring it out. I already bought it a super cute case. I love it.

To commemorate my 10th year at Toyota and to get some use out of my new toy – please enjoy what my view is every day…
My computer - complete with red gel wrist rests... Red's my favorite color...
My partially hidden "entertaining stuff" wall... Pictures that make me laugh, pins I've gotten at work, a really cool piece about optimism that I printed off my company website, my lucky bamboo that one of my bosses got me for my birthday, my Sudoku daily calendar, and pictures... Oh... and some stuff that I'm working on... haha

I had to include this one... it cracks me up. But Trashcat is definitely not amused... haha

I love my little camera. My blog had better enjoy being a lot more picture-filled from here on out… On that note... enjoy one more.
This is my bonsai plum tree that I bought myself for my anniversary. :-) I initially got it to have on my desk at work, but the manager that sits in front of me NEVER opens his blinds, so it was not doing well... Everyday I would keep hearing leaves fall off of it... Now that it's home, I haven't lost a single leaf. AND the plum on the right is almost ripe. I'm sooo curious if it will taste good. The one on the left - the big one hanging down, seems to be taking its sweet time ripening... Oh well... It will eventually. I'm planning on re-potting it and letting it get bigger... That way, Ill get more plums. Love it. :-)

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