Friday, June 12, 2009

Good week.

It’s Friday. And payday.

As I’ve said before, that makes for a pretty good day. Plus, yesterday we got bonuses. So my week at work went – quiet days because most people were either out in the field or at an event, jeans on Thursday AND Friday, mini-payday Thursday (bonus), and regular payday today! Oh, AND my bosses took me out to lunch for my birthday finally. We went to Auld Dubliner. Little Irish place with AWESOME food. I had the shepherd’s pie and then they twisted my arm and made me order dessert… haha Raspberry Crème Brulee. Yum yum yum. So fantastic. Now I am full, tired, happy, and ready to get out of here to go play with Cowboy again at my friends’ house. Just gotta make it through the next hour and a half of a pretty slow day. (Hence writing this while at work… haha)

My summer shows are starting to come back, and I am happy to have something other than re-runs. Weeds came back this past Monday. Such a funny show – I just wish it were longer than 30 minutes. It seems like it is over SO quickly. Second season of True Blood starts on Sunday! That’s why we watched the entire first season in one weekend – had to get it done before the new one started… Can’t wait! So glad that we have the Eastern feed for HBO and Showtime. That way, instead of 9 and 10 pm, we get the shows at 6 and 7 pm. So much nicer. I’m still enjoying Mental – one of the characters irritates me, but he’s supposed to, so I guess I just have to deal with it…

I recently started watching Man Vs. Food on the Travel Channel. It’s pretty stinking entertaining. This guy travels around the country trying different eating challenges. One was in Texas – it was a 72 ounce steak, shrimp cocktail, salad, a baked potato, and a roll. All in under an hour. Another was this gigantic burger – all together, toppings and everything, it weighed about 7 or 8 pounds. Insane. The last episode we watched he was doing the Meterbratwurst Challenge. It’s a bratwurst that is a meter long (duh) and two sides (he had cabbage and some potato thing). He made it through the steak challenge like it was nothing – insane! He couldn’t get through the burger – made it three quarters of the way through before he had to either give up or throw up. And he made it through the bratwurst, but was struggling a little bit. He’s crazy. The episodes are interesting – as it leads up to the challenge, he visits local restaurants to try whatever the town is known for… We have seen some insane food – although some of it looks pretty stinking good. But deadly – like the kind of stuff where you would feel your heart slowing with every bite... It’s a pretty funny show.

I’m currently reading Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner. It’s been really good so far. (It’s the one that is the sequel to her other book Good In Bed that I talked about before.) It’s kinda cool how it keeps switching back and forth between the mother and the daughter’s point-of-view. Next up, I was loaned the first book in the series that True Blood is based on. I’m really looking forward to reading it. It’s weird for me to go in reverse – I normally read things before I see them… Oh well – not like I won’t enjoy it… After I’m done, I’m sure I’ll have to go run out and pick up the rest of the series… I’m so impatient; I won’t be able to wait for her to bring them in.

I am so glad that the weekend is almost here. I think I may try to talk Josh into going up to the $2 movie theater here in Irvine this weekend because I Love You, Man is playing there and we wanted to see it, but never got a chance to get to the “real” theater while it was there. Sunshine Cleaning is playing there too… I think we may have to spend an afternoon at the movies… :-) We also need to go see some new movies at the “real” movie theater soon – my office gave us all free movie tickets… And I have had a couple people give me theirs, so I am set! Yay movies! I just need to finish out the day and I will be on my way! :-)

I love weekends!

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