Monday, June 15, 2009

Another thing about me...

I was just scrolling through the posts on the front page of my blog and something caught my eye. I said that I was not willing to drive the 20 minutes or so to Santa Ana to get Sonic. BUT - I have been more than willing to drive more than 3 times that far to go get Pink's hot dogs or to get donuts at the DK's in Santa Monica!

Josh and I have been known to go on "adventures" simply because we had nothing else going on that day... But I guess Sonic just never merited one... I guess it has gotta be something really special - like waiting in line for an hour for chili dogs at Pink's - to get us goin'... haha

And DK's in Santa Monica has THE BEST donuts EVER. More than worth the drive, because once you've had DK's in Santa Monica - all other donuts SUCK.

Mmmmmmmm........ I want a vanilla buttercream from DK's...... I think it's about time for another adventure...

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