Monday, June 8, 2009

Unplanned Venting

I had such an unproductive weekend this past weekend… It was lovely. Friday we went to our friends’s to hang out, go in the hot tub, and play with their puppy, Cowboy. Saturday, we ran a couple errands and then completely zoned and watched the first half of the first season of True Blood. Then we went to our other friends’s to hang out and play board games and meet his mom and step-dad. Sunday, I worked out with my virtual trainer, did my thing, and then Josh and I resumed zoning on the couch and watched the second half of the first season of True Blood while doing laundry. I love vampire stuff so I don’t know how I didn’t get into the show sooner – it was bizarre, but I enjoyed it. Now we are ready for when Season 2 starts soon! (Warning – there is some bizarre nudity, so this show is not for the easily bothered…. haha)

There is something in the works for J coming up that we are both very excited about. I can’t really give any details at the moment, but the next couple months should be very good for us. I will update as I have more info…

Our Sonic opened last week! I was SO excited. I’ve been dying for there to be one closer. (The closest one to us before this was in Santa Ana and I’m not driving up there just for limeade!) It had been about 5 years or so since I had had Sonic and it was yummy. :-) On my mom’s recommendation, I tried the Cherry Limeaid (I normally go for Strawberry or plain) and it was fantastic. Such a dangerous place to have right down the street… haha

I just had a thought about something that happened earlier today that has been bugging me… Why are people always so stinking cranky and put-out by having to do their JOB? It’s crazy. At my office, we used to have someone who – as part of their job – had to cover all of our receptionist’s breaks. When she retired, they opted not to fill the position and redistributed the work. Since then, it has come down to all of us that are in the office every day to take turns covering the board. There are about 15 people and we alternate through the list of one week every so often having to watch either her lunch break or morning/afternoon breaks. Our poor receptionist is pretty much strapped to her desk and cannot even leave to go to the restroom until the person’s whose turn it is gets there. (She’s been told by one of the top guys here that if she has to go, to put it on the night bell and just go, but she’s wary of doing that because her manager seems to not like her and she just doesn’t want to have to deal with being snapped at and have to try to explain herself.) She runs into problems all the time with her coverage – most often it is the fact that people are terrible about getting down there on time. She’ll be dancing behind her desk, dying to run to the restroom, and some of these people waltz over there – already late – and then tell her that they will be there in “just a second” because they need to go to the restroom or get something to drink. It’s not right. I don’t understand why people are so inconsiderate! And then they have the nerve to get mad at her and complain about her when she pages them when they are late! So stupid… I will fully admit, there have been times where I was working on a project and lost track of time, but I am always very apologetic and don’t expect her to wait even LONGER just because I need to go to the rest room! The reason it popped into my head is because one of the repeat offenders has the morning and afternoon breaks this week, and as she walked past my desk this afternoon to go down there, she sighed like it was a huge imposition. Get over yourself. This is the same person who is supposed to bring up all the packages that are delivered during the day, but instead of actually DOING IT, just tells people that there is something downstairs for them and expects them to go get it themselves. I don’t play that game – I smile politely when she tells me that there is something down there for me or one of my bosses and then see how long it takes for her to finally give in and bring it up like she is supposed to. Because that’s the way life works. It’s not like I could get away with not pulling the reports and things that I do every month for my bosses and just walk in there and tell them that they’ve updated and they can go onto the different programs and print them themselves any time they are ready… That wouldn’t really fly. The way I see it, it’s your job. It’s what you are paid to do. If you don’t like it – find a way to change what you do. Don’t just sit there and complain and refuse to do things that you are asked to do, while not taking any steps to get into something that you DO enjoy! Come on, people! No one is entitled to just being handed anything! No one is going to take you by the hand and pat you on the head and give you a damn cookie! No one is irreplaceable. If you refuse to do it, they will find someone willing and most likely be able to pay them less than they pay you. And do you think that that sounds like a bad deal to ANYONE in this economy?? UGH! Sorry for the tangent, but it makes me CRAZY! I may not have liked every position that I have held in this company over the past ten years, I may not have liked every task... But I have DONE THEM. And I have done them well, without complaint. And have been rewarded accordingly. I have been praised by my bosses for trying to lead by example, having a positive attitude, and ALWAYS being willing to help. I really wish that some people would just pay more attention and actually FOLLOW the example!

And now that I’ve opened the flood gates… I am also REALLY sick of people that feel the need to make up lies about other people in an effort to get attention directed away from them. There is a group here in our office that does this to a friend of mine in the office all the time. They have broken the lock on her desk drawers when she was out on vacation a couple times and removed files to make it look like she wasn’t doing her job in order to turn their boss’s focus from them playing on the internet and goofing off constantly. They have opened her mail from our HR department that was marked VERY clearly PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL. I have heard them badmouthing her, I have seen it happen. And I have said something to a manager (either one of theirs or one of mine) every time I have actually seen or heard something going on because it is disgusting, harmful behavior. And nothing ever happens! I wish that these people would just leave. Just go away and never come back. No one would ever miss them. They are poisonous. They make me sick and I am really glad that they got moved to a distant part of the office after our remodel because now I don’t have to deal with them very often anymore…

Okay. I have taken a deep breath and stepped down off of my soap box. Like I named this blog – Mental Garbage... Sometimes it just needs to come out… That was sufficient venting for the evening.

On a lighter note – here is Cowboy, trying to get my camera from me. :-) So cute.

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