Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me :-)

So yesterday was my birthday...  And I have to admit, it was a pretty good one.  When I got to work there was a balloon and cake waiting for me on my desk from my friend, Maggie.  I got tons of birthday wishes from everyone in my department by e-mail because most of them were out in the field.  Went to a delicious lunch at Auld Dubliner with my bosses.  Yummy corned beef and cabbage and they talked me into having creme brulee.  Then I sampled a little bit of a strawberry and nutella crepe that was being served as dessert for a meeting that was going on.

I was a little nervous that J wouldn't get home in time to make it to dinner because he had to be up in Compton working.... Luckily he made it home and I was hungry enough for dinner.  I had chosen Gemmell's for my birthday dinner because it is a ridiculously delicious restaurant.  (We originally found it because our friend's father is the owner and chef...) 

We both had the cream of asparagus soup - I dream about this soup.  It's my favorite.  I would eat an entire freaking VAT of this stuff.  LOVE it.  I had the filet - perfectly cooked and the sauce was incredible.  J had the Dover Sole and the only way he could describe it was that since he gave me a bite and I said it was fantastic, it must be completely and totally amazing because there are only certain fishes that I like and I almost NEVER like fish at a restaurant.  (J seems to be the only one that knows how to prepare fish so that I will like it...  I'm pretty much always disappointed when I order it in restaurants...)

As we finished our dinner and were waiting for them to bring out my souffle (I had never had one before, so I decided that I would finally try it), I saw a flame light off on the other side of the restaurant and over came a beautifully arranged piece of cheesecake with strawberry sauce, "Happy Birthday Kelly" written in chocolate sauce, and flaming sugar cubes soaked in some kind of alcohol.  My friend knew that we were going to be going to the restaurant that night and had his dad prepare it for me...  So nice.  It was really cool looking and I wish I had remembered that I had my camera in my purse BEFORE we blew out the flame and tore into the delicious cheesecake.  All I have is a picture of the aftermath... (I don't have my cord with me right now or else I would post it... I'll add it later....)

So we ended up with two desserts....  The souffle was to die for.  Hot and delicious and sweet and rich and just WOW.  We were delicously stuffed....

After that, it was Glee to give the food time to settle and then time for bed.

My birthday celebrations continue...  Today is lunch with a work friend and this weekend will be celebrating with my best friend and her husband...

If this is a sign of things to come, then it looks like this is gonna be a good year. :-)

(Gemmell's didn't give me anything to talk about them so glowingly... I just really love that place.......)


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