Friday, May 14, 2010

Things I Am Thinking About RIGHT Now...

- I am out of the office and loving it.

- I am helping with our Avalon launch.

- They just played the Swagger Wagon video and I was dancing at the back of room and singing along.

- I need to go potty, so I would really like them to break out into their groups because the bathrooms are in the room they are using right now...

- It's Friday.  And payday.  Love it.

- 4 AM is an unholy time to have to get up in the morning.

- Leaving the house before the sun comes up is not ok.

- I am way too much of a creature of habit, so I am dreading the wedding shower tomorrow evening because it takes away from my normal night of hanging out with my best friend at her house...  I'm sure I will have a good time...  But I'm also sure that I will be trying to find a way to leave as soon as it wouldn't be considered rude...

- My back hurts.

- Going to vicodin land last night helped me to be able to sleep without waking up every time I shifted at all... Stupid back pain.

- Seriously, when are they going to break so that I can go pee???

- The shirts that they gave us today are cute, but when I put it on, all I could think was, "Holy crap, BOOBS!"  So I'm wearing a cardigan over it.

- They just said something about high beams in the overview and I giggled because I was just typing about boobs.

- I have my own name badge with me in my purse, but I thought it was much funnier to wear someone else's name badge because she had extras with her in her car.  So there are three Bettys sitting at the table right now...

- The drive down to Del Mar was beautiful.  Especially since I wasn't the one doing the driving...

- I am really happy that we met at Target because that means when we get back, I can go straight in and play :-)

- I want to go to Il Palio again at the race track here to watch the ponies run... It's fun to get all dressed up and cheer for the horses.

- I want to go in my best friend's hot tub tonight... I doubt she will have a problem with that.

- I really need to repaint my nails.  They look like crap right now.

- Please, please, please break so I can go potty!!! Oh. Em. Gee. I need to see if there is another bathroom in this place.......................


  1. I finally did... There was a different way to get to the bathrooms!! haha

  2. Stopping by from SITS!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    Hope your weekend is going great!

    -Mimi @ Irresistibleicing


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