Friday, May 21, 2010

"You guys need BOUNDARIES!!"

So we were talking with my best friend and her husband last weekend while we were hanging out in the hot tub and the subject of bathroom preferences came up... They are both the closed-door, don’t bother me types. Josh and I leave the doors open and have been known to hang out in the doorway chatting while the other one is doing their business... And I don’t see why her husband thought it was such a weird thing... In fact his exact comment was:

“You guys need BOUNDARIES!!”

Why? What’s the big deal? Is it really that weird? Because it doesn’t seem that weird to me... It’s not like I’m gonna help him wipe or something... Or ask him to help me, ya know? I don’t know... It’s not like I leave the door open when I’m at someone else’s house or if I have people over at my house... (Well, actually... I shut my bedroom door and then leave my bathroom door open... haha) I just don’t understand the squeamishness...

It’s like recently we find out that a couple of our married friends have never seen their wives naked. WHAT?! How is that even possible?!?! I don’t understand it... Do they run to the bathroom to get changed? Have they never had “the mood” hit them during daylight hours? They’ve never showered with their husband? I’ll admit, J and I might be a little more relaxed than most when it’s just us around the house... (And we pretty much always keep our blinds closed... So it’s not like we have to worry about the neighbors getting a peek...) But I just can’t imagine how I would be able to avoid him seeing me naked...

I just don’t get it... Are we really that weird?


  1. Uh...nooooo, I don't think you're weird. It sounds to me like your friends have some hang-ups of their own.

    Although, I do draw the line at number 2...I think that's a little too up close and personal. Otherwise, what's the big deal? Everyone pees!

  2. We don't really draw the line... haha We are definitely not normal.... hahaha

  3. #1: Door open, at least ajar. The cats are gonna come poking around anyway.

    #2: Door closed. WAY closed.

  4. From feedback I've gotten, that's pretty much the general concensus... #1 ok, but #2 - you're a weirdo. So yeah.... I'll concede... We are WAY weird... hahahaha

  5. So I'm surfing a little from liveitloveit's comments and see “You guys need BOUNDARIES!!”. So I come here and find a potty post. Hey, we all get lucky sometimes.

    Then I see your header about normal. Here's my thoughts on normal.

    - There are billions of people and a version of normal to go along with each one of them. No two versions are exactly the same. There will be hundreds of thousands of little things that make up your version of normal. With any luck you can find people that have close to the same idea of what normal is that you do. These are your friends. Anyone else you try to tolerate as best you can. Sometimes that's not possible. Avoid these people at all costs. They will be the proverbial pain in your ass. -


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