Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Can I Just Have The Real One, Then?

Ok - so I have a "dream car" that I would buy for myself if I ever came into a ridiculous amount of money...  It's a Bugatti Veyron.  It's insanely fast and very expensive, but I just love it.  I can't help myself.

Whenever there is an article mentioning it (which isn't often - thank you Top Gear for posting this on Facebook...) I have to read it...  Today there was an article talking about how they are making three - only three - 1:18 scale models of my beloved Veyron.  Made completely out of 24 karat gold and 7.2 carats worth of diamonds.  I want.  Look how beautiful....

Image from here.

The unfortunate thing about this beautiful little model that would look so lovely in my home is that it costs MORE than the ACTUAL CAR!

How is that possible???

So can I just have the real one then?

I'd like it in either Red/Black, Light Blue/Grey Blue, or Green/Ebony with the Anthracite/Silk interior...


Pretty please? :-)


  1. I had a feeling you were gonna say that. Maybe you need to go to chinatown and see if you can find a knock-off from someone in the back...

    Tell 'em k-dawg sent ya....

  2. That's a pretty cool car! Had to go look up the real one so I would feel like I actually have a clue what I'm saying.

    Am I odd? My dream car is a good old fashioned American made nothing fancy variety....Camaro...love Camaro's!

  3. Oh my more realistic dream car is a 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang... I love me some American muscle...

    Wait... That sounds dirty....

  4. Kathryn - I will definitely try to use my East Connections to get me a good deal in the back-alleys :-)


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