Thursday, June 10, 2010

One of Our Favorite Games

So the husband and I have this really odd game that we like to play when we are out in public... It is either done while walking past people going the other way or immediately upon opening your car door when someone is nearby... All you have to do is say the end of a "sentence" that makes no sense... It takes time to perfect... You don’t want to be too obvious about it – as in, don’t shout it... Just say it like it’s flowing with the conversation.... And we’re going for shock value most of the time here, people. No explanation, NO LAUGHING, and keep it simple. You have to say it very matter-of-fact-like and sometimes it is best to leave it to their imagination. (Rolled eyes or shrugged shoulder for emphasis are always encouraged...)

And try to pretend you don't see the look on the stranger's face...

Examples include:
...and that's how I got addicted to crack...
...but I only got money for sex that ONE time!
...and they chose to raise me as a boy/girl...
...but prison isn’t really as bad as they make it seem.
...I don’t care if it itches, I’m not scratching it for you!
...and he never said why the sheep was in there...
...that’s why you shouldn’t play with matches! wouldn’t think it, but the baking soda in the fridge tastes really good...
...moral of that story? Never date someone that says they are “good buddies” with Satan.
...and that’s why I’m not allowed at (insert any place you want) anymore... you should really go the doctor and get checked...
...of those two, I guess I’d rather have the donkey punch...’s not gross – a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s... was by far the weirdest game of leap frog I ever saw...

J and I play this game randomly... We never know when the other one is gonna bust it out, but it's always awesome... And the no laughing rule is really more for the person that didn’t say it... It’s rough though because you never know what to expect or when it’s gonna happen...

And now I’m giggling and trying to think of a new one to use on J tonight when we go out to dinner.... :-)


  1. I love it! That's hysterical. You and J sound like a fun couple. Keep laughing together!

  2. It gets pretty ridiculous sometimes... hahaha

  3. that's why I have a third nipple....


    I have a friend who does that...and I will never forget sitting in Shorty Smalls with her, waiting for our ribs & fries to arrive when the cute waiter walks up and she blurts that out.

    He left his number on the check.


  4. We used to stand outside in front of work at lunch in a downtown area. As people walked by one guy would point up in the air and holler, 'Here it comes again!' Then we would all duck down. We had about an 80% success rate.

  5. Oh, I just LOVE it! That is MY kinda game!
    Let's see:

    ...I NEVER knew that could make you SO SICK!
    ...and he told me that restaurant has been doing THAT to their food for years...
    ...I can't believe no-one ever thought to try that. How much money did he save overall??

  6. Greatest game ever! I'd love to read some stories on people's reactions!

  7. Most of the reactions are just confused looks... hahaha

  8. LOL That sounds like a lot of fun! I can't imagine actually keeping a straight face though!

  9. It's definitely not easy sometimes... haha

  10. Love this idea! I'm cracking up!

  11. There is nothing like having some harmless fun at a strangers expense. Just knowing there are folks out there going home explaining what they "overheard" to their friends and families is reward enough.

    I'm less creative. When my other halfs daughter was 9 I would tell her to say things to the cashier like, "My mommy beats me" and smile while she says it.

    Another one was having her ask a woman why she ate the baby in her tummy.

    My favorite is one I use regularly. My GF and I will be in the store, and there'll be an aisle full of people. When she asks me to grab something off the shelf, or what kind of ***** I want this week, I'll turn around and yell "Get off my back woman!". Not all that funny true, but it gets us out of the store in record time.

    Sure I've gotten smacked a few times, but it's worth it;)


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