Monday, June 21, 2010

Murphy's Law Kicked Our Butts

You know how people talk about Murphy's Law and how anything that can go wrong, will??  Well, we experienced that in a HUGE way this weekend.

Friday night was fine - after work we had to go to a rehearsal dinner for our friends' wedding.  J was a groomsman, so we obviously has to be there... That went fine, but we ended up staying up too late.... Saturday we had to get up early because we had stupidly offered to make their cake for them.  We made our own cake back when we got married and thought we would have no problem... Famous last words, "How hard could it be?"

Everything went wrong - it took far longer to cook the cakes than we planned.  Then the large bottom layers were too fragile to work with, so we had to put them in the freezer in order to get them to harden so that we could handle them...  Then the filling wasn't getting thick enough, so we had to keep putting everything in the fridge for 20 minutes at a time in order to get it to try to harden...

Then the buttercream WOULD NOT work.  It kept separating and looking like it was curdled.  Definitely not usable.  Finally after 10 pm (12 hours after we started) we decided we would have to make what we call "ghetto" buttercream instead of the real thing.  Off to the store for Crisco.  Yeah.... We were fresh out of "give a crap" at that point.

So we got the bottom layer iced and then realized that the middle cakes were not strong enough to move either! So back to the freezer..... UGH.  THEN the filling kept oozing out of the middle layers no matter how often we had it all in the fridge, so we cemented it in using the "buttercream" and got it together...

The cake was getting too heavy to move back and forth any more, so we slapped the top layer together and took it out and put it on top... More oozing filling and "buttercream" spackle....

It was 3 am when we were done and could leave our friend's parent's house and go home to sleep.  The cake looked like a good candidate for Cakewrecks, but we just couldn't care anymore...


We got up at 11 to be at the wedding at 2 for J to be there for pictures.... Got home and in bed by 10.  Got about 8 hours of sleep, realized that that was not going to be enough to be able to make it through work, called in sick and crawled back under the covers for another 8 hours.  Obviously we needed it....

Luckily the cake tasted really good (dark chocolate cake with peanut butter mascarpone cream filling and vanilla "buttercream" icing) and it's all over now....

It's time for bed again......


  1. Wow, you should get some kind of medal for even volunteering for such a task! And yum, chocolate and peanut butter. Here from blogflow.

  2. looks pretty decent in my opinion. Kind of like "bedhead" Perhaps people thought it was suppose to look a bit messy???

    Kudos to you for working so hard on it despite the problems. And don't blame you for calling in sick! You deserved the rest!

  3. It is supposed to look "a bit" messy... Not that messy.... hahaha :-) It's over now and we are very happy about that....... :-)

  4. Oh my goodness what a long day! It's so frustrating when things are not going well, and it's something you cannot bail out on. Following you from blogflow!

  5. Yeah... we were getting to the point of smothering it in duncan hines frosting just so that it would be bare cake!! We were getting desperate!

  6. I'm exhausted FOR you! That cake does sound amazing though :-)

  7. It was delicious.... I could definitely use more sleep though....

  8. If there were no compaints... and it tasted good... your in good shape..

    can you share the recipe???

  9. I would love to share it, but it comes from J's cousin and she is a pastry chef... She would probably hurt us if I put her cake recipe out for the world to find - even on my little blog.... haha

  10. I think it look delicious...and I would never volunteer to bake someone's wedding cake. That's a lot of pressure!! But if it tasted good, that's all that matters!
    Stopping by from SITS!

  11. It was really tasty.... I couldn't wait for them to cut it though - I was too embarassed to look at it anymore..... haha


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