Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Really Should Be Sleeping

After being sick for most of last week and still feeling slightly less than 100%, you would think I would be sleeping... Unfortunately J is on call again. This means crazy work hours... He had to be at a job at midnight last night, he is at another one tonight, and has another tomorrow. Poor guy. Poor me too. I sleep like crap when he's not here...

It just throws off my routine and I am a serious creature of habit. I need my goodnight kiss, my goodnight snuggle, my husband close enough to reach out and touch. It relaxes me and helps me to shut my brain down and unwind. And I know that I am going to be exhausted at work tomorrow if I don't get to sleep...

Instead, I am laying here writing this rambling post on my phone and watching the minutes tick off the clock... Wondering when he will get home, praying that he gets back to me safely... With nothing but the cats (who are more than happy to steal his spot and stretch out), too much quiet, and an empty pillow next to me that smells like him...
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  1. I hope he reads this because this was so sweet! Hopefully this weekend you can catch up on sleep :) P.s. love that you wrote this on your phone haha

  2. I absolutely love that I can now write posts on my phone... It makes me happy...

    And I seriously hope we can get some serious sleepin' in done this weekend... :-) haha

  3. my husband works 24-hour shifts about 3x a week and almost always on Saturday. I hate it, it blows. ANd he's only been doing it a month, grrr...

    I rely a lot on my dog. But it sounds like you're a cat person...
    Oh and I rely on Tivo too!!

  4. This is so sweet....I"m so sorry. My hubs doesn't work crazy hours, but he owns his own business, and sometimes he goes BACK to the office at 11pm or so, and I can't sleep more than simply dozing until he's back. The quiet is suffocating, even with the TV on.

  5. I hate it when my husbands gone too! I never sleep as well!

    Stopping by to say thank you for visiting my blog yesterday and being a part of my SITS day! It was such a great experience!


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