Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"I Was Never Meant To Work"

A friend at work bought me that - it’s a coaster. It’s not very clear, but it says “i was never meant to work.” I keep it on my desk at the office... It’s very true.

I’ve said before that I like my job, I like the company I work for, I’m even lucky enough to like most of the people I work with... But that if I didn’t have to work, I wouldn’t. I don’t like the petty behavior, the childishness, sitting at a desk all day in essentially a windowless office because the manager that sits in front of me never opens his blinds... I don’t like playing the game. And I really don’t think that having a different job would help - in my mind; the grass has just as much dog poop on it on the other side...

You know, it really just boils down to the fact that I hate actually having to go to an office every day... If I could work from home, where I would be left alone and it could be as quiet or as noisy as I want it to be, I would be so much happier. I’m pretty anti-social - especially if I’m working on a big project. I can’t stand having to over-hear stupid crap going on all around me constantly... It hurts my brain.

Here are a few examples of crap just in the past week that I wouldn’t have hurting my brain if I wasn’t here to hear it:

- Three “ladies” (I use that term very loosely) in the office making their plans for what time they were going to meet for a concert they were all going to, what snacks to bring, where to park... Blah blah blah... This was for about 30 minutes - right before they all went to lunch together! Really?? It couldn’t have waited?

- “Lady” next to me yelling at her children on the phone 75 - 90% of the day...

- “Lady” next to me lying to her bosses over and over again... “I always take your mail downstairs right after you give it to me!” (That’s a load of crap - you always have other people take it down because you are too lazy... That’s why I run past your desk without stopping...) “I never got that e-mail...” (Umm... yeah, you did. It was sent out to the whole office. And your boss totally called you out on it. Awesome.) Ugh.

- Other “lady” complaining for about 30 minutes yesterday. She had won an office drawing for box seats to an event - ended up with about 6 tickets or so because someone else couldn’t use theirs. Her complaint - there was no free food or drinks in the suite. She said it was “really embarrassing” because she had told the people she was bringing that there would be... Really? For who? So, tell me - did you have to pay to get in? Nope - free tickets. Were you down on the uncomfortable stadium seats? Nope - box seats. So... You and your family had to pay for some snacks and sodas because no one realized that you are apparently something really special and they should roll out the stinking red carpet for you and throw rose petals at your feet???? Poor. You.

- “Lady” next to me complaining about the fact that there is a training class using the lunch room today because the other classrooms were already booked. Ok... I get it. It’s inconvenient. But wait..... She is the one that handles all the scheduling of the rooms... If it’s so horrible to have the lunch room occupied - tell the people that set up the training that they absolutely cannot use it! Problem solved!

- Seeing a friend at work get bullied and her managers not doing anything about it... It makes me sick.

- Over-hearing yesterday that the “lady” next to me got even more of her responsibilities pawned off on someone else while I am continuously given even more crap to do. This just reinforces the fact in my head that if you bust your butt, the only reward you get is more work...

That’s just a small handful of examples. Add in the noise level because people seem to be incapable of controlling the VOLUME OF THEIR VOICES and you get a glimpse into why I would love working from home. Even then... I would probably still prefer to not work at all. But at least I’d be able to work in my jammies...

I recently was given a glorious light at the end of the tunnel that hopefully will make it so I won’t be sitting at this desk until my retirement date of June 16, 2045 (Gross, right? I almost cried the first time I saw it). With J’s new job there is a much better chance for promotions... I got him to agree that when he is making as much on his own as we are making combined right now, I can stop working! He said not to hold my breath because it’s not that small of an amount to make up... But at least I have my little glimmer - my silver lining...

Hey, a girl can dream, right???


  1. Dream on girl! Dream on!

    I'm currently out of work and looking - enjoying my time off though (albeit limited internet/limited everything really - due to limited funds) - but still - I hear ya! I hate working with other people. If they could only ALL do it my way - it would be okay...but they always insisted on doing things their way - which we all know is the WRONG way.

    :-) Keep your chin up! Praying that raise makes the cut for you to stop working outside the home.

  2. I do not miss office crap, I suck at playing politics and at playing nice. Being disabled and unable to work does have at least that benefit.

    The drawback of course is being poor, lol!

    Hold on to that light at the end of the tunnel!


  3. Aw, honey. Your day will come....it's the natural ebb and flow of life. Everybody does the office-gig some time....then, if you're lucky you master something that can be done remotely. If you're really dead-set on making it happen, then start figuring out what you can do that can be done from home!
    C'mon! What are you waiting for???

  4. I totally see it.. try teaching.. talk about gossip, back biting, pointing fingers, making other do what you should do, not taking responsibility, oh could I go on...

    I loved it last year... I had 2 gals who were assistants in my class who thought it was social hour rather then work with the kiddos! Burned my hide every darn day!!

  5. Thank you all for stopping in! :-) I will just say that I do realize how lucky I am to even have a job... I do. I was just saying to my husband the other day that I was so happy that we weren't affected by any down-sizing or lay-offs... It's just little things piling up and piling up and I am reaching my breaking point... Like today - came in to an e-mail that I am having MORE stuff added to my job. Yay.

  6. Ugh! Definitely takes the fun out of working when people complain around you. I love the retro coaster. Definitely sounds like a great focal point in your moments of chaos.

    Love the blog! - Tanya

  7. I would so love to work from home. Hang in there!

  8. I work from home, and while it has it's positive points (ie. listening to Dr. Phil while I work or catching all my favorite reality show reruns), it also can be quite lonely. I find myself trying to strike up conversation with anyone who will listen...the fruit stand guy, grocery store clerk, ANYONE. Seriously, be happy that you have a job you like. I miss going into an office! However, it is nice working in my PJs :)

  9. Absolutely loving the coaster! I need one for my job....{as a SAHM of 4 chickens}. But when I was working in an office...I would love all that went on going around me.

    Just keep smiling...just keep smiling!

    Found you through SITS:)

  10. I want your coaster! I also think you & I might work in the same office {not really}. I have this cubicle neighbor who's constantly, and I mean constantly, yelling at her daughter & husband on the phone. The other neighbors are loud as heck & are always talking about how much work they have yet I never see them working.

    I totally feel your pain...you're not alone. Love the blog :)

  11. Hello. Returning the favor of visiting my site! Funny post! This is why everyone should just telecommute from home. :)

  12. I sooooo wish I could telecommute... I'd be so happy... there really is no reason for my to be in the office every day - I could easily do everything from home and then stop in when I need to drop things off or pick things up...


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