Friday, September 24, 2010

Things I Am Thinking About RIGHT Now - TGIF Edition

- If it weren't Friday today, I probably would call in "sick and tired" until the weekend showed up.

- I am PMS-y and seem to be constantly about two seconds away from crying.  All this has accomplished for me is a pounding headache and eyes that feel raw.

- I am awesome at my job (and not afraid to toot my own horn, thank you very much...).  I have been trying to get them to change my title ever since I first got placed in this position because I absolutely hate it.  (It has the word "secretary" in it. I find this word to be antiquated and a bad representation of what I actually do.) I do not do secretary-like duties... This has been a battle.

The woman sitting next to me that can't get any simple task done without a melt-down and taking at least 5 times as long as it should, who is rarely at her desk - and when she is, she is on personal phone calls arguing with her children - just got some responsibilities taken away (making her job easier because she already can't freaking handle it...) and got a title increase. The title increase that I have been busting my butt  and fighting for. Now, her getting that doesn't stop me from being able to get it too, but it's really disappointing. Apparently working hard and being really good at your job doesn't mean anything.  Be a screw-up and you'll get rewarded...

- I am meeting with my bosses on Monday to discuss the issue above. I e-mailed one of them immediately after her title change was announced. He is well aware that I am really not happy.

- There are ants in my office. Gross. I want them to go away. They crawl on my feet in the lunchroom and were swarming on my desk the other morning. I don't have anything they could have possibly been going after. I got to spend the first 45 minutes of my morning playing exterminator.

- Lighter notes:

- I still seriously love my phone!

- I am really excited to have my favorite shows back on!  House, Bones, Fringe, The Office, Good Guys!! I am giddy about it. :-) My dvr has a lot of work to do.

Umm... My brain doesn't want to play anymore...... haha I've run out of things to write down. But I feel slightly better having gotten it out :-)


  1. if it makes you feel better, you were always my go to person when i worked there. why? because you're awesome.

  2. I also wish it were the weekend already! Friday seems like the hardest day to accomplish anything...bleh

    and i totally hate when lazy people get rewarded for bad behavior, makes me want to work less

  3. I don't like being unable to work, but I don't miss office politics, that's for sure.

    I was hypersensitive all day, too. Every time my boys get loud I've been snapping at them. Maybe it's the full moon!


  4. Well, I'm glad you got the chance to vent...and I'm also glad you'll have the opportunity to make your case with the boss. I hope it turns out exactly how you want it to.

    Visualize, sweetie!

  5. I love House too! Thanks for stopping by during my SITS Day!


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