Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Karma's A Cruel Mistress and I Am Honored.....

Years ago J was working for a company that - without warning - closed.  They didn't pay them their last paychecks even though California state law mandates that their first priority is to pay their employees at the time they close.  This never happened.  So J and his co-workers started a lawsuit against them to get what they were owed...

The people that owned the company gave them run-around, sent threatening letters, and tried to settle for extremely small amounts that weren't even the amounts of their last paychecks... Not to mention the fact that they were owed vacation time and some of them had personal expenses that were still owed to them.  And at that point, because of the lawsuit, they were owed a lot in penalties...

Nothing happened and nothing happened and nothing happened.

We got a letter today.

It's nearly the full amount - the full money owed plus some of the penalties....

You can't run from karma or the Franchise Tax Board.


Also - I was honored to see that I made the nomination list from the Second Annual “You’ve Just Been Spotted” Orange County Blog Awards." I'm in the Personal & Family Blogs category.  This is the category that represents the BEST personal/ family style blog in all of OC. By this, they mean the blogs that are on-line diaries, originally meant to be read by people’s personal family & friends. I don't expect to win after seeing the big guns that I am up against, but I am ridiculously happy to have even been nominated!

If you feel so inclined, I wouldn't hate for anyone that wants to to go on over and vote for me....  And while you're there, there are some great blogs to check out along the way - even if you aren't an OC resident....


  1. Congrats on finally getting the money you were owed! YAY for money you weren't necessarily planning on. Nothing better!

    And congrats on your nomination for the personal blog thing. That's awesome! Good luck, I hope you win.

    I'm just getting around to checking out blogs of people that stopped by and commented on my SITS day. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and your kind words. I really appreciate it.

  2. Hooray for you on both counts!!

  3. WoooHoooo!!! Karma can be a true bitch!!!

    Congrats on the nomination!!! You got my vote!

  4. I'm on my way there! Kudos for karma...nice to hear that it's working the way it should!

  5. LOV u 2 come to OC Blog party 2morrow night. If u haven't RSVPed yet, go HERE: http://justspotted.eventbrite.com/

  6. Congrats on the nomination and the letter :)


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