Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to Blogging: A Post Title You Are Particularly Proud Of

Today's task in the Back to Blogging event from SITS is to repost a post with a title you are particularly proud of.  It can be because it is sentimental or funny... Or just because.  I chose the following titled "Guy In A Van" because it is from back when I first was starting to blog and it kind of explains my randomness and further introduces me and the way I write sometimes...

"Guy In A Van"

I have realized that, even with the few entries I have made so far in this blog, you can already see how my very odd thought process works… Or doesn’t… I guess it depends on how you look at it. I have a very short attention span and tend to jump from topic to topic randomly.

It’s okay though… I am used to it. It sometimes drives other people crazy, but what do I care? They aren’t living in my scattered brain constantly… They just have to visit when they are subjected to my ramblings and topic changes.

I kind of attribute a portion of it to the possible concussion I got several years back. I’m not saying that I wasn’t always like this… It just seems to have gotten worse since then. At least I’m not as slow as I was right after it happened. That would suck. But I am still stuck with a really odd inability to remember how streets that I have driven on for YEARS connect to each other. I will have to ask directions to places that I have been a million times. It’s really frustrating. And of course, I am stuck with a worse version of my lifelong random topic-hopping and tangents.

A small way that my randomness has always shown is my tendency to give really odd answers when people ask me things. Like the other day, I was at a store with my friends and I found a Tootsie Pop or Blow Pop or something that I had in my purse and was eating it. Someone eventually noticed and asked me where I got it. My response was the title of this post – “Guy in a van.” Or when I dyed my hair a new color and someone asked me, “What did you do to your hair?” My response was, “Got a perm.” Sometimes if I can’t think of anything funny fast enough when someone (standing in front of me) asks me what I am doing, I will steal a line from a TV show that I watched years ago and shoot, “Answering obvious questions.”

So if you read this, and are confused by the flow… Just sit back and go along for the ride.

Oh. And in case you were curious, the possible concussion was from something very stupid and clumsy (who, me?) that I did. I was taking a walk with Josh through the canyon where I used to live and decided it would be funny to climb part of the mountain. I got a foot or so off the ground when a piece of a rock (a BIG piece) broke off in my hand and hit me in the head. It also hit Josh’s arm, but where he was cursing in pain, I just dropped down from where I was without a sound and turned toward Josh. I was holding my head and – as I said, “I think I’m bleeding.” and pulled my hand away – blood started pouring down my face. Man, head wounds BLEED! Obviously, the walk was over. The whole way back I kept giggling about how the wind felt on my head and how the blood on my hand looked like paint. Yeah… Not good. It stopped bleeding pretty quickly, so I didn’t think anything of it and didn’t go to the doctor. But then I ended up having some pretty serious brain misfires and general space cadet-ness for a little while, so I’m pretty sure I had a concussion. Probably should have gone to the doctor. Oh well… What’s done is done, right?


  1. I relate to your randomness! I'm so glad you didn't get hurt worse, that could have been really bad. And, yeah, in case something like that ever happens again, you should probably go see the Doc.

    Hugs & love,

  2. Wow, that's some scary stuff. You're coping well although in retrospect a quick trip to A&E (ER?) was probably in order.

    I'm about as random, forgetful and directionless as you can be it seems and I can't blame it on concussion. I'd call it mummy brain but I was like this before!

    Enjoyed your post and especially like the title. Thanks for your comments on my SITS day. Just wanted to return the love x

  3. Wow. You DID bang your head pretty bad, eh? And yes, honey....head wounds bleed BAD. You'll learn that with little boys who take headers off of things. It's one of the first things they teach you when you reach the ER.

    My brain misfires all the time. Maybe I've had a concussion and I don't remember??

  4. Haha!! I don't think all of the misfires are from the concussion... I've always been all over the place... haha

  5. LOL! I love the title... and the itsy bitsy reference back to it. Too Funny!


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