Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trying Something New

I got a new cell phone and am over-the-moon in love with it. We ended up getting the Samsung Fascinate. With it comes all the awesome-ness of internet access, app-tastic fun, and my favorite thing in the world - Swype Texting.

Now, I was pretty good at texting on my old paperweight of a phone, but Swype has made me a texting FIEND! If you have not experienced Swype, you should go online and look it up. You don't pick up your finger from the touch-screen keyboard while you are spelling out each word. They were able to crush the old texting speed record by some ridiculous amount of time. It's crazy. It definitely took some getting used to and if you don't know a qwerty keyboard very well, you might have a hard time... But I adore it.

In fact, the "trying something new" is in reference to the fact that I am doing this whole post on my phone , using Swype. I mainly wanted to see if it was going to be a big pain in the butt or if it would become a viable option for blogging away from my laptop... It's feeling pretty viable... Haha

I'm more curious to see if there are any weird formatting things once it is actually posted... So this is really a test post more than anything..

***Just a quick note - Samsung didn't give me anything... I just really really really love my new phone... Although if they really wanted to give me a Galaxy Tab when it comes out, I definitely wouldn't say no..... Haha***
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  1. I've got a phone that's less than a year old, but you're making me want to trade it in!


  2. I have a work phone...but I think I may need to get my own cell soon...the husband keeps talking up the Iphone and it just makes me jealous...I don't know if I want to concede though. Plus it's not something we can afford irhg tnow anyway : P

  3. The iphone is fine, but I really really love my fascinate... It even has a better screen :-)

  4. Wow! This post came out beautifully! I can't believe you did all this on your phone!

    I've never tried swype-ing....I'll have to find someplace to take it for a test to speak.


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