Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Would I Save? (certainly not something as stupid as crackers...)

A while back I was laughing pretty hard at a post of Noa’s from and was reminded of it when she posted something else that referred back to it. In the post she was talking about The Burning House project. To put it simply, people submit a photo of what they would save if their house happened to be on fire...

There are some that are full of sensible things like car keys, cell phones, laptops, epi-pens, etc. Some that were full of sentimental things like photos, signed first editions of books, childhood toys, etc. And then there are the ones that are just too ridiculous... The ones that made Noa crazy and I definitely felt the same way while scanning through the pictures.

I won’t deny that some are very beautifully arranged... But then I started really noticing the little things in them...

My list of things that do not need to be saved if your house happens to be on fire:
- Spray Paint
- Visine
- Tic Tacs
- Gum
- CD’s
- Normal, everyday Forks/spoons/knives
- A spork
- Plastic flowers
- Lip Balm (there was a lot of Burt’s Bees featured... You know they sell that at the gas station, right?)
- Deodorant (certainly can’t replace that...)
- Scissors
- A tiny jar of Nutella (while I do love Nutella – I know that I can buy more...) and peanut butter
- Drugs and alcohol
- Burritos
- Moleskine notebooks - mountains and mountains of them... (Well played,, you called it...)
- A lemon
- A 2-hole punch

And a personal favorite:

“A comically large comb.” (Unless that was given to you by Bozo himself... Wait, no... You’d still be wrong.)

Seriously, people?? SERIOUSLY?!?!

I officially do not like these people.

But it made me think... What would I grab on my way out?
My cats
My purse (which contains my wallet, keys, inhaler, etc.)
My cell phone (if it’s handy)
My collection of Harvey’s bags – I know this is kind of shallow, but I’ve put a lot of years and money into building the collection and a lot of the bags are not for sale anymore...

If that’s all I had time for, then that’s all that would come with me. If I had to abandon the purses, I would... Would it suck to lose everything else? Oh yeah... In a big way. Would I mourn the loss of my photos? Absolutely... But would I risk my life to get them out of my house? Nope.

My wedding dress can go... Sad, but true. I got an amazing deal on it, it was beautiful, and it served its purpose... I really have no plans of having it boxed and storing it forever...

I don’t really have any jewelry that I would be devastated to lose that I wouldn’t already be wearing... J, however... He would have to just grab the drawer that his cuff link collection is in... If for no other reason than to save his elephant ivory cuff-links and tie pin shaped like Buddha that his grandfather left him. There would be absolutely ZERO chance of hoping to replace those...

Any important paperwork is secure in the fire-proof gun safe... (Should really put the ivory cuff links in there........)

I would be beyond sad to lose all of my books, things I’ve hand-made, little keepsakes, clothing items that I love... But I’d be much sadder to lose myself... See, the thing is... I’m quite fond of myself.

What would you save??


  1. My dog is really the only thing I can think of. I miss some of the sentimental things, but I don't NEED them.


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