Friday, September 9, 2011


- My default response to “How are you doing?” is never “Fine.” It’s “FANTASTIC” or “Livin’ the dream!”

- I have often been accused of being sarcastic. See above default responses.

- J got a new faucet for our kitchen sink. It’s much taller and nicer and doesn’t leak. So it’s pretty awesome. Although getting it in was an adventure. As J said, “Who knew that something so simple could open a can of worms...” Apparently some part of all the chaos that is the plumbing under the sink (why do I need to know? He’ll take care of it...) was slowly leaking for no one knows how long... And he never would have found it if he hadn’t bought the pretty new faucet.

- They just moved an entire department-worth of people back into the upstairs portion of the office. This involved me losing my “buffer desk” next to me that stops me from having unwanted neighbors, having a group of VERY loud women get shifted much closer to me, and being way too near to a woman that eats tiny meals all day... While this may be a healthy way to eat, she tends to eat overly fragrant tiny meals and it makes me gaggy several times a day... (Hmm... Maybe it will help my diet plan too! **Silver Lining!!**) It also involved Jerky McFacepunch having to move out of his precious office into a cubicle. And all of his bitter pouting has been oh, so sweet.

- I’m hoping to catch a couple of the HP Touchpads when they get some more out there because I was really bummed that I missed the super crazy sale the first time around. And $99 - $150 is way more my impulse-buying speed than the price of an Ipad or even a Galaxy Tab.... And I really want one.......

- I FINALLY went to see the last Harry Potter! I am no longer a traitor to my inner nerd-girl... There just hadn’t been time until now for us to get to the movies... I’m so glad we made it. It was really well done and I may or may not have had something in my eye near the end......

- Banana Cream Pie ice cream from Ralph’s is delicious. It makes my mouth happy.

- I worked out for the first time in a couple weeks (J’s crazy work schedule was not very compatible with my workout schedule... At least not if I wanted to get to spend any time with him at all... Which I did...) and I am HURTING.

- My car had gotten so dirty that it was embarrassing... (and if you know me, that means it was FILTHY.) I had to give in and get it washed... It is ridiculous how much I love how it looks when it’s clean, but I just don’t have the time or patience to wash it or get it washed all the time...

- I want a new laptop really badly... Is there anything wrong with the one I have? Nope. Do I NEED a new laptop? Nope. Will I make myself crazy thinking about how I want a nice petite, portable mini-laptop that I can take with me everywhere until I break down and get one? Yup. I still regularly think about the laptop I originally wanted whenI started this little blog here... But they don’t make it anymore.

There is this little number that looks like oh, so much fun even though it is not NEARLY as sleek as a tablet.... And it comes in RED. 
(Sidenote- I generally do not like Dells. At. All. But this kinda makes me want to hug it....)

- There were two 9 – 10 year old boys at Bed, Bath, and Beyond the other day while I was there shopping... They were running up and down the aisles playing tag and screaming. I have no idea where their parents were and why this was being allowed to happen... Or why no one else seemed to even notice that it was happening! So when I heard them coming, I nonchalantly pushed my cart out the end of the aisle and one of them may or may not have run directly into it while I told him that he should really consider behaving like a normal human being when in public... I didn’t hear them running around after that...

I won’t lie - it felt really good.

- We bought new sheets for our bed... I had to go for the 1000 threadcount sheets that I love to pet when I’m at Bed, Bath, and Beyond... They’re just so soft... BUT being cheap thrifty... I waited until I found some at Tuesday Morning. I mean, why would I spend $249 (which is what the sheets I purchased were originally marked – as are the ones I love at BB&B) when I could be a little patient and get them for $89.99 instead? We got them in “Mineral” color which is kind of brown-ish... They are apparently single ply Egyptian cotton. None of that really means all the much to me... All I know is that they are REALLY nice. They need a few more washes because they are still pretty stiff right now, but they fit our extra deep mattress perfectly and are very soft to pet...

- We signed up for a rifleman course in a couple weeks. I’m very excited and hoping to qualify my first time going... My friend will be going for her third time and has not yet qualified... She says she will be pissed if I get it first try.

- We went to our friends’ house for a bbq last weekend and I really enjoyed getting to play with their baby more. He’s getting to the laughing out loud, lots of personality phase of baby-dom. I had him laughing really good for a while and took a video of it... I think I might have been laughing at him laughing more than he was laughing at me... Laughing laughing laughing. (It seemed like I didn’t quite write “laughing” enough times in that sentence...)

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