Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Things I Want

I have wanted a Tablet for quite a while now... I’ve talked about it a little bit on here... I see all these pretty shiny handheld computers and the green-eyed monster starts poking me in the back. But I just couldn’t justify spending so much money on one. Even the less expensive versions with less storage space are in the $400 up range.

Then there was the fire sale on the HP Touchpad that I missed out on... $150 is totally within my impulse buying range. But they went in a blink of an eye – and continue to! I keep missing them by seconds...

Today Amazon unveiled the new Kindle Fire. I. WANT.

It’s only $199 – not much above my impulse buying range... It’s full color, touch screen, has what they are saying is a super-fast browser, unlimited cloud storage for Amazon content... You can play with your Apps on it, watch shows/movies, browse the internet, check your e-mail... Oh, and it’s still a Kindle, so you can read on it too...

I have generally leaned more towards the slightly large Tablets – the 10.1 inch screens instead of the ones that are Kindle-sized – in my jealousies and pining. But for some reason because this is a Kindle on steroids, I don’t have a problem with it being smaller... In fact, it’s kind becoming a selling point because it will just take my Kindle’s current permanent place in my purse without taking any extra space...

I may be adding my name to the pre-order waiting list before the day is out...

Since I immediately titled this post “Things I Want” (that’s right, I recklessly title my posts before I write them... I like to live on the edge.), I feel compelled to list more things that I would like in my possession:

- The two new Limited Edition Harvey’s bags that are probably already sold out... (And this one because it's super cute...)

- The Hunger Games movie to be out – now that I have read the books (almost – I am more than halfway through the third one) I am slightly obsessed with seeing it come to life

- My new business cards

- A vacation – it’s been way too long. My last “real” vacation was the cruise we took for our honeymoon... 6 years ago. I would love to go back to Alaska.

- A new laptop. With the newest everything on it. In red, please.

- Cookie dough cupcakes – I realize that I am fully capable of making these at home and that is what I will have to do in order to have them, but I would like them to just magically appear. It would be awesome.

- A house closer to my Bestie. We’re there all the time anyway... Why not just live closer? Plus, their area has way more restaurants and shops... I really like it there.

- A new car. Don’t get me wrong – I still adore my IS250, but I still have another YEAR before I get to order a new car. This will be the longest I have ever had a car... (Boo-hoo first-world problems...) I think I might get a Highlander next...

- My Rifleman patch. We took a rifleman course a couple weekends ago and while I was able to secure the status of “Sharpshooter,” I didn’t make it up to “Rifleman.” It’s the elite. We are going to sign up again next month. I will get it this time. I fully plan on buying a jacket just so I have something to attach the patches to and I will wear it everywhere. For bragging rights.

 One of the phases of the test. I'm the one in white. My friend/coworker is the one next to me. And J is the gray edge of shirt on my other side...

- The weather to continue getting cooler. I am so not a summer person and it has been really nice not to have to crank the AC as much to be happy...

- Oh... and World Peace.

What are you wanting right now?

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